Meet Dominik Mysterio’s Girlfriend: He Is Now Engaged To Marie Juliette

Dominik Mysterio, a superstar on WWE’s RAW, proposed to his longtime girlfriend Marie Juliette on January 2 and the two plan to be married soon.

He posted a picture on his Instagram, in which two of them holding hands while strolling down the beach, the ocean in the background, and Marie’s diamond ring in sharp focus. Dominik said they got engaged earlier this week, but he didn’t share the further details of the proposal.

He posted a picture of a heart with the engagement date “1-2-2023” as the caption. Many of the couple’s fans and fellow wrestlers have already sent their best wishes and expressed joy about the upcoming wedding.

Meet Dominik Mysterio's Girlfriend: He Is Now Engaged To Marie Juliette

Dominik has somewhat kept his relationship with Juliette quiet, so not much is known regarding her. Dominik’s fascinating friendship with fellow WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley has gotten a lot of attention online. In this post, we’ll know the details about the relationship of the newly engaged couple and Mysterio’s dating rumors with Ripley.

Meet Marie Juliette, Dominik Mysterio’s Fiance: The Couple Is Now Engaged

Dominik Mysterio‘s fiance, Marie Juliette, was born in July 1997. Juliette and Mysterio both went to the same high school. The two people first met in Spanish class. When they were celebrating their anniversary two years ago, Dominik said in an Instagram post that he wasn’t even expected to be in that Spanish class where he met Marie Juliette.

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“I still remember the first day I saw you in a Spanish class I shouldn’t have been in! Thank you for all the love and help you’ve given me no matter what during our journey together. You are the most kind and hardworking person I know. I love you, babe,” he wrote in the caption. 

The couple, who met when they were both only 14, recently celebrated their 11th anniversary together.

Dominik shared a picture of himself and his girlfriend on Instagram earlier this year to honor her birthday. In the caption, he wrote that Marie Juliette was his “beautiful better half” and “best friend.”

“Happy 25th Birthday to my beautiful better half! Thank you for being my best friend and bringing so much joy and happiness into my life! Love you MJ Happy Birthday 🎉❤️”, he wrote in the caption. 

However, Marie Juliette maintains a private account under the username @_marie_juliette, where she has amassed 53.6k followers as of now.

Inside Dominik Mysterio And Rhea Ripley’s Relationship

Earlier, some people speculated that Dominik Mysterio was dating Rhea Ripley from The Judgment Day after he posted a mysterious post on Twitter. Over the past few months, Dominik and Judgment Day bandmate Rhea Ripley have become close in a special manner. Because of this, many fans have asked for a romantic storyline involving the two.

Meet Dominik Mysterio's Girlfriend: He Is Now Engaged To Marie Juliette

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The Nightmare talked about her on-screen relationship with Mysterio. “Would you like to know? Wouldn’t everybody like to know? My relationship with Dominik is something I keep with Dominik. I’m not going to get into it. But I see a lot in him, as do we all. I could see that Rey was taking advantage of him and not giving him the attention he deserves, where he can grow and just take charge of his own life. As he said, he was stuck in his father’s shadow and couldn’t get out, so we gave him that chance.”

However off-screen, Dominik is happily engaged to his longtime girlfriend Marie and on the other hand, Rhea Ripley is currently dating Buddy Matthews.

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