Dragula Season 5: Meet New Supermonsters

Prepare to be bewitched and bedazzled as the fifth season of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula is set to unleash a ghastly parade of drag supermonsters on October 31, 2023. This spine-tingling reality competition series is back, and it promises to be more terrifying and glamorous than ever before.

In this exclusive article, we dive deep into what fans can expect from this highly anticipated season, including the diverse cast of 11 contestants, the evolution of the show, and the exciting changes in store for viewers.

Meet The Cast Of Dragula Season 5

The heart of any drag competition lies in its contestants, and Dragula Season 5 doesn’t disappoint. The show’s producers have scoured the globe to assemble a diverse and talented group of drag entertainers. The cast includes artists from various corners of the world, from Argentina to China, and seasoned stars from the American drag scene. Each competitor brings their unique flair and individuality to the stage, promising a thrilling spectacle of creativity and talent.

Dragula Season 5: Meet New Supermonsters
  1. Anna Phylactic: Hailing from Manchester, England, Anna Phylactic is sure to bring a touch of British charm to the competition.
  2. Blackberri: Representing Houston, Texas, Blackberri promises to bring a southern twist to the stage with their drag.
  3. Cynthia Doll: From Kansas City, Missouri, Cynthia Doll adds Midwest charm to the mix.
  4. Fantasia Royale Gaga: Miami, Florida, is where Fantasia Royale Gaga calls home, and she’s bound to infuse some sunshine into the competition.
  5. Jarvis Hammer: Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, Jarvis Hammer might just bring a touch of southern hospitality to the fierce competition.
  6. Jay Kay: Brooklyn, New York, is represented by Jay Kay, who undoubtedly brings the vibrant energy of the city to the runway.
  7. Niohuru X: From Tianjin, China, Niohuru X offers an international flavor to the competition.
  8. Onyx Ondyx: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s very own Onyx Ondyx is sure to serve up some East Coast realness.
  9. Orkgotik: Buenos Aires, Argentina, is where Orkgotik hails from, promising to bring some South American flair.
  10. Satanna: Los Angeles, California, is well represented by Satanna, adding some Hollywood sparkle to the stage.
  11. Throb Zombie: Boston, Massachusetts, is where Throb Zombie calls home, and their unique drag style is bound to leave an impression.

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What’s New In Dragula Season 5

Dragula Season 5 is set to be a landmark season, with the Boulet Brothers taking over as the show’s directors for the first time in seven years. This change promises a fresh and innovative new chapter for the series. The season will feature a state-of-the-art set and a diverse cast that showcases the show’s commitment to inclusivity.

The official synopsis teases that Season 5 will be “the biggest and baddest yet,” promising viewers a rollercoaster ride of horror, glamour, and jaw-dropping performances. With a revamped format and an emphasis on the competition element, the show is set to focus on the incredible talents of its cast and the mind-bending looks they create each week.

Dragula Season 5: Meet New Supermonsters

Besides the terrifying and glamorous main cast, Dragula Season 5 has an impressive lineup of guest judges. Director Mike Flanagan, known for Netflix’s Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass, joins the panel, adding a taste of horror expertise. Actor David Dastmalchian, acclaimed for his roles in Oppenheimer, Dune, and Suicide Squad, also graces the show as a guest judge.

Author Tannanarive Due, writer and director Kevin Smith, musician Jazmin Bean, and Scream star Matthew Lillard complete the star-studded panel. Additionally, Season 3 winner Landon Cider makes history as the show’s first recurring judge, bringing a unique perspective to the competition.

Past season winners and stars, including Victoria Elizabeth Black, Dahli, and Koco Caine, are set to make special appearances, adding to the excitement of the new season.

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A Glimpse Into Dragula’s Macabre Legacy

Since its humble online debut in 2016, The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula has become a cult sensation. Known for its horror-inspired challenges, the show has pushed contestants to their limits, from consuming bugs to engaging in shocking physical challenges. The eclectic mix of contestants has included former RuPaul’s Drag Race queens and winners like Vander Von Odd, Biqtch Puddin, Landon Cider, and Dahli. This blend of talent has contributed to the show’s status as one of the foremost queer competitions on television.

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