Know About Eddie Vedder’s Wife And Net Worth!

Eddie Jerome Vedder is an American singer, musician, and songwriter who is best known for being the lead singer and one of Pearl Jam’s four guitarists. He also sang with Temple of the Dog, a one-time tribute band to the late singer Andrew Wood, as a guest singer.

Eddie Vedder’s fans are curious about who he is married to. If you didn’t know, he has been married twice. His first wife was Beth Liebling, and his current wife is Jill McCormick. This post will tell you all about Eddie’s wife, including his net worth. Read on to know more about their relationship.

Who Is Eddie Vedder’s Current Wife, Jill McCormick?

Eddie Vedder started dating model Jill McCormick in the same year that he split up with Liebling. When they first started dating, McCormick was at the top as a model. She had moved to Paris four years before to improve her skills, which led to her being featured in the best fashion magazines.

After she stopped being a model, McCormick turned to activism and giving back to the community. She believes in being a “global citizen,” and she is an ambassador for Global Citizen, an organization that works to fight extreme poverty. She worked with them recently to encourage people to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Know About Eddie Vedder's Wife And Net Worth!

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Vedder married his long-time girlfriend, model Jill McCormick, on September 18, 2010. They had been dating since 2000.

They have two daughters: Harper, born in 2008, and Olivia, born in 2004. McCormick was in the music video for “Longing to Belong,” Eddie Vedder’s solo single from 2011. In 2014, Vedder and McCormick started the non-profit organization EB Research Partnership with the goal of finding a cure for epidermolysis bullosa, a genetic skin disorder. They have raised more than $25 million to help pay for research to find a cure.

Eddie Vedder Was Previously Married To Beth Liebling

Vedder got married to Hovercraft bassist Beth Liebling in 1994. He had been seeing her since he was a teenager, around 1984. Vedder played drums for Hovercraft when they opened for Mike Watt on his 1995 U.S. tour. In September 2000, they got a divorce. In an interview that was printed in the June 29, 2006 issue of Rolling Stone, Vedder said that his breakup with Liebling had hurt him a lot.

Know About Eddie Vedder's Wife And Net Worth!

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Around the same time as the divorce, nine fans were crushed to death during Pearl Jam’s set at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark on June 30, 2000. This was the worst thing to happen to the band during their career. In an interview with Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily in 2020, Vedder said that their show started off on a high note because they had just heard that Lily had been born. However, the tragedy happened about 40 minutes into their show. Vedder said that Pete Townshend was one of the first people to help him deal with the tragedy.

Eddie Vedder’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Eddie Vedder is an American rock singer and musician with a net worth of $100 million. Eddie Vedder is best known for being the lead singer of the rock band Pearl Jam. He also writes most of Pearl Jam’s lyrics and plays guitar for the band. Rolling Stone has put Vedder at number seven on its list of the greatest lead singers in history.

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