“Married to Real Estate”: Meet Egypt Sherrod’s Husband And Children

The popular HGTV show “Married to Real Estate” is returned for its second season, featuring real estate expert and designer Egypt Sherrod and her husband, builder Mike Jackson.

Egypt Sherrod is a well-known American media personality and real estate broker, known for hosting HGTV’s Flipping Virgins and Property Virgins. She is also the head of the Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group based in Atlanta.

In the Season 2 premiere of HGTV’s “Married to Real Estate,” Mark and Rebecca were looking for a house close to the school of their daughter in Dunwoody, Georgia. They had been living in an apartment for several years and were eager to move into a house. The couple Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson, husband and wife real estate and renovation duo were able to find them a fixer-upper that fit their budget. They helped the family by giving the outdated house a modern makeover, which included a new office and dining room.

Here in this post, we’ll read everything about Egypt and Mike’s relationship.

When Egypt And Mike Met And Got Married?

The real estate broker and the DJ found love in the most unexpected way. When fate brought Egypt and Mike together, she was a radio host and he was a DJ known as DJ Fadelf. Both were in the real estate business, but it wasn’t until Egypt’s mentor referred her to a contractor for a house-flipping project in New Jersey that they met. That contractor was none other than Mike.

"Married to Real Estate": Meet Egypt Sherrod's Husband And Children

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The two began dating in 2004 and In 2010, Egypt and Mike got married. Mike made his debut to the HGTV audience as a guest judge on Rock the Block Season 3. Their undeniable chemistry and charming family dynamic made it a no-brainer for them to have their own show together.

Married to Real Estate: Egypt and Mike’s Renovation Adventure

Together, the real estate broker and the DJ joined forces to create a unique show, “Married to Real Estate“, which combined their expertise in home buying and renovation. The show’s first episode premiered in January 2022 and quickly became a hit among audiences.

"Married to Real Estate": Meet Egypt Sherrod's Husband And Children

Egypt emphasizes that the show also focuses on the dynamics of marriage and parenthood. She states that “For those who have been in a coupleship, like Mike and I, for a long time — we’ve been together for 17 years — you know what it’s like. Every day you gotta make a choice that this marriage counts and our relationship is worth it, and so I’m going to put in the effort,” and further adds, “When you’re trying to be a great parent at home and live out your dreams at work, you have to split time. We wanted to show balance and how we’re trying to balance our work and family life.”

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Know About Egypt And Mike’s Children

"Married to Real Estate": Meet Egypt Sherrod's Husband And Children

Egypt and Mike are the proud parents of three beautiful daughters. They first expanded their family with the arrival of Kendall in 2012, followed by Harper in 2019. Mike is also a loving father to Simone from a previous relationship. Egypt has cherished her role as a mother, often expressing her joy and love for her children.

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