Evelyn Lozada Boyfriend: Queens Court Star Get Engaged With LaVon Lewis

Evelyn Alexandra Lozada, born on December 10, 1975, is a well-known American television personality, model, and spokesperson. She gained her major claim to fame as one of the central figures among the six main cast members of VH1’s reality series “Basketball Wives,” a role she held from the show’s inception in 2010.

A few months ago, Evelyn Lozada, known for her assertive nature, received a surprise engagement from Queens Court co-star Lavon Lewis during her birthday celebration. Lewis proposed with a stunning Twila True engagement ring, and they are gearing up for a winter wedding while emphasizing their blended family and celebrating their special connection. In this article, we’ll explore their engagement celebration and also delve into Lozada’s present partner.

Evelyn Lozada Boyfriend: Who Is LaVon Lewis?

LaVon Lewis is a fresh face in the world of reality television, making his debut on Peacock’s latest show, “Queens Court.” He is the founder and president of Connect Branding and Marketing, boasting extensive experience as a creative director and an award-winning brand designer. Additionally, he is a professional speaker and the author of the book “Today is a Great Day for a WOW Image!”

Lewis holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University and a master’s degree from the University of North Alabama. He also possesses business and graphic design degrees from Dartmouth College and The University of Alabama in Huntsville, respectively.

Evelyn Lozada Boyfriend: 'Queens Court' Star Get Engaged With LaVon Lewis

In an unexpected turn of events, Lewis found his life partner, Evelyn Lozada, on “Queens Court” and proposed to her with a Twila True ring. Prior to this, Lozada was briefly married to NFL player Chad “OchoCino” Johnson in 2012, a marriage that lasted just 41 days. “Queens Court” follows the journeys of Evelyn Lozada and her co-stars, Tamar Braxton and Nivea, as they search for love in the first season of the show.

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Evelyn Lozada, ‘Basketball Wives’ Alum, Got Engaged To ‘Queens Court’ Finalist LaVon Lewis

Lewis, whom she met on the reality show “Queens Court” on Peacock. Lewis proposed on Lozada’s birthday during an intimate gathering with friends and family in Los Angeles, taking her by surprise. Despite being known for her assertive nature, Lozada didn’t see the proposal coming, and only a few knew about the plan.

Evelyn Lozada Boyfriend: 'Queens Court' Star Get Engaged With LaVon Lewis

Lewis presented Lozada with a stunning Twila True engagement ring, and despite her initial reservations, she was thrilled with the choice. The couple first connected on “Queens Court,” but they faced the challenge of a long-distance relationship since Lozada resides in Los Angeles, while Lewis lives in Atlanta.

Nevertheless, they are determined to make it work, with Lewis planning to relocate to be closer to Lozada once his son starts high school. Their strong bond has extended to their children, with Lewis’s son, Jordan, and Lozada’s son, Leo, getting along famously.

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Evelyn Lozada Boyfriend: 'Queens Court' Star Get Engaged With LaVon Lewis

The couple values the inclusion of their children in their journey and plans to tie the knot in the winter, even though Lozada has ruled out wearing white. Reflecting on her past relationships, Lozada expressed that she had settled before but believes she has found the right person in Lewis, describing their connection as an unparalleled energy.

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