Who Is Fabulous Rapper’s Wife? Complete Information!

John David Jackson is an American hip-hop recording artist and rapper who goes by the stage name Fabolous. When he was still in high school, he started his career by performing live on DJ Clue’s radio show. After DJ Clue signed him to his Desert Storm record label, he put out his first album, “Ghetto Fabolous,” which peaked at number four on the US Billboard 200.

It had hit singles such as “Young’n” and “Can’t Deny It.” His next album, “Street Dreams,” was also a success. It sold more than a million copies and peaked at number three on the US Billboard 200. Over the years, he kept having success by putting out hit albums and singles. Even though Fabolous has had a successful career, his personal life has not been perfect.

He has been in trouble with the law more than once and was once arrested for having a gun without a license. His partner also said he was violent at home.

People are more interested in Fablous’s personal life than in his work life. Read the article to learn more.

Who Is Fabulous’ Ex-Wife?

Emily Bustamante was born to Puerto Rican and Dominican parents in New York City on February 10, 1981. She is also known as Emily B. The famous person in show business made her own line of shoes for the international shoe brand ZigiNY.

Who Is Fabulous Rapper's Wife? Complete Information!

Emily B is well-known because she was in the first two seasons of the TV show Love & Hip Hop. She talked about how hard it was for her when Fabolous cheated on her, and the fashion designer did not come back for the third season.

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In 2018, the rapper was accused of knocking out his girlfriend’s two front teeth when he found out she had gone to Los Angeles without telling him.

According to police reports, he sent her to mean text messages and said he would kill her with a baseball bat. TMZ put out a video in which Fabolous was seen threatening his girlfriend and her father with what looked like a gun. Later, the rapper went to the police on his own, and he was charged with aggravated assault and making threats of terrorism.

Who Is Fabulous Rapper's Wife? Complete Information!

Fans saw the shoe designer celebrate her birthday without the rapper. Instead, she posted pictures of herself with her daughter Taina. It seems like they broke up.

Fabolous and Emily Bustamante Have Kids

The couple has two sons together, Jonah and Jonas Jackson. In October 2020, they had their third child. Jonah is 14 years old and Jonas is seven, and their daughter Journey Isabella is now two. Emily B also has a daughter, Taina Williams, who is 24 years old and is from a previous relationship.

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Fabolous is back in the news after his stepdaughter Taina said in a recent post about his daughter Journey that he was a deadbeat dad. He wrote: “I called you Journey because that’s really what it’s been…You might not know what you’re doing, but you’ll figure it out in the end.”

Who Is Fabulous Rapper's Wife? Complete Information!

In a reply that has since been taken down, Taina said, “This post is hilarious…. “

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