Who Is Fred Warner’s Wife? Details About Their Relationship

Federico Anthony Warner is a middle linebacker for the National Football League team San Francisco 49ers (NFL). He went to BYU for college football, and the 49ers picked him in the third round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Recently, Sydney, Warner’s wife, talked about her time at Lincoln Financial Field. She doesn’t plan on going to another game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia any time soon. In a TikTok, she talked “I just didn’t feel very safe,” she said of the situation. Sydney said, “I guess you could call me a coward, but I couldn’t handle the fans.” The internet is going crazy over her video. People looked for information about her all of a sudden. So, here we’ll talk about Fred Warner’s wife in detail.

Who Is Fred Warner’s Wife, Sydney Hightower?

Sydney was a contestant on The Bachelor in the past. She is a TikTok star with 45,800 people who follow her there. Fans of football have seen Fred and his lady having sweet moments on the field, and Sydney has even posted cute clips on Instagram of them giving each other quick kisses between games. “We’re flying into next week!” So proud of you #54,” she wrote on an Instagram post from January 2023 that showed a video of Fred running up to her and giving her a quick kiss.

Who Is Fred Warner's Wife? Details About Their Relationship

Sydney is a busy woman who loves her husband more than anyone else. ABC says that Sydney was a retail marketing manager at the time she was on season 24 of the hit reality TV show. Not only that, but before she was on The Bachelor, she also worked as a nanny.

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When Did Fred And Sydney Start Dating?

Sydney and Fred started dating after she kicked off the dating show. During an interview with Us Weekly in January 2022, the Californian woman talked about how she first talked to the athlete after he slid into her direct messages. She said, “He actually sent me an emoji because he didn’t think I’d answer. He was really casual about it, but it was sweet.”

Who Is Fred Warner's Wife? Details About Their Relationship

In May 2021, just a few months after they fell in love, the couple announced that they were getting married. Sydney posted a cute picture of Fred on one knee with an engagement ring box in his hand while she held a red rose. “05/15/21 “It’s you and me,” she wrote as the post’s caption.

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Know About Fred And Sydney’s Marriage

In June 2022, the happy pair got married. Six months before their wedding in a beautiful part of California, Sydney told Us Weekly all about how “fun” it was to plan the wedding.

“We’re planning a wedding during football season, but since the playoffs have started, he’s not involved. “It’s fine, he trusts me, and we both like the same things,” the reality TV star said. “He’s giving me control over that, and it hasn’t been as stressful as I thought it would be.” It’s more fun now. I’m just looking forward to it all being over and us being there on that day.”

Who Is Fred Warner's Wife? Details About Their Relationship

Sydney also said that she and her husband are both “happy romantics.” “So, we’re just thinking about the moment when I’m walking down and all that, like, tearjerker stuff. In her January 2022 interview, she said, “That’s my favorite part.” “And just being with our families there. I think that will be the time and feeling I’m most looking forward to.”

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