Front Row Amy – All You Need To Know About The Milwaukee Brewers Superfan

You’ve seen Amy Williams on TV if you watch the Brewers.

There’s the windup, there’s the pitch, and most home games at Miller Park have Amy sitting by herself in the first row behind home plate. That’s her in the Brewers ad, to the left of the umpire, right above the dot-com.

The season-ticket holder known as “Front Row Amy” made national news when blogged about her, and her “15 minutes of fame” continue as the Brewers fight to make the playoffs.

Front Row Amy - All You Need To Know About The Milwaukee Brewers Superfan

She says she loves the Brewers and that she didn’t do anything to get attention. It just happened because men are the way they are. Last season, sports radio and the sports website Deadspin started talking about this beautiful brunette.

She said, “After that, things kind of went crazy.”

And that’s how Front Row Amy was born. Now, she has a Facebook page with that name that has more than 12,000 fans, and @BrewerGirl823 on Twitter is where another 8,000 people talk to her.

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How Brewers Fan ‘Front Row Amy’ Was Finally Identified

Those who watched Brewers home games on TV couldn’t help but notice a constant presence. Also, they couldn’t help but notice the main thing that made her stand out.

People were naturally curious about what this woman looked like. Luckily, the answer came up pretty quickly.

It looks like she even has her own website.

Super fans are a big part of every sport, so it’s great to see “Front Row Amy” get the credit she deserves.

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Front Row Amy Talks About How It’s Like To Be An Online Sensation

When asked if she was surprised by how popular her presence at Brewers games had become that season, given that she is just a mom who loves the team and drives to Milwaukee for the games? What’s all the fuss about?

How did Amy Williams answer? “I am shocked! It’s insane! I’m just doing what I’ve always done and what I love to do: going to my favorite place, Miller Park, to watch my favorite boys play my favorite game. This year, the only difference is that I’m in the front row. I don’t think it’s a big deal.”

Front Row Amy - All You Need To Know About The Milwaukee Brewers Superfan

Most likely, “the girls” were the first thing that caught people’s attention. But I think the fact that I care so much about the Brewers keeps their attention. Brewers fans like that I go to games alone, drive an hour and a half to get there, keep score, and really get into the game. During baseball season, the Brewers are my life, and I guess that shows when I go to games. I care for them so much that it hurts! And baseball is the best sport in the world.

Front Row Amy didn’t Like Baseball Until The 2007 Brewers Season

Amy didn’t care about baseball until she found out about the Brewers in 2007. She found that going to games made her feel like she was a part of something big, and she learned that she liked it best when she went alone.

“It was like getting away. I could just sit here and keep track of the score without talking to anyone. I could lose myself in the game “she said.

Front Row Amy - All You Need To Know About The Milwaukee Brewers Superfan

Before Monday’s game, I tried to talk to Amy at her prime seat, but she kept getting interrupted by guys who wanted to take their picture with her. Dressed in Daisy Duke shorts and a white top with off-the-shoulder sleeves, she happily posed with everyone, including six members of the Sun Prairie Cardinals high school baseball team, who had just won the state championship. Before the game, they were given a big welcome near home plate, and then they went straight to Amy.

Even though she’s old enough to be their mother, that doesn’t matter. In TV land, the camera in center field that shows each pitch makes Amy look younger than her 43 years and gives her a deep tan that makes teenage boys and middle-aged guys I know talk about her all the time.

“Men are men. They like the way he or she looks, “When I asked Amy if she flirts with us through the media, she said yes. “But I have a lot of fans because people can tell how much I love baseball.”

What do they mean? First, Amy makes the first goal. In her official scorebook, she writes down every pitch, hit, out, and run. On TV, you can see her do that. It’s so nerdy that it’s hot.

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