Who Is Geneo Grissom’s Wife? A Look Into Their Personal Life

Geneo Grissom is a former defensive end who was born on June 4, 1992. He went to college in Oklahoma and played football there. In the 2015 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots took him with the 97th pick in the third round.

On March 11, 2015, he took part in Oklahoma’s pro day and chose to do almost all of the drills from the combine again. Unfortunately, he was unable to have a better performance but was able to impress team representatives and scouts in positional drills. At Oklahoma’s pro day, he also did tight end drills, which showed how versatile and athletic he is.

Apart from his impressive professional accomplishments, he also has a sweet romantic backstory. Haley Grissom, Geneo’s college sweetheart, is his wife. They got married in 2015 and have been living together since then, supporting and motivating each other to succeed in their respective professions. Below, we’ll discuss their relationship together in great depth.

Geneo and Haley Are College Sweethearts

Both Geneo and Haley went to school at the University of Oklahoma, where they met and fell in love. The couple had been seeing each other for three years before they got engaged on Valentine’s Day. Then, on July 20, 2015, they got married.

Who Is Geneo Grissom's Wife? A Look Into Their Personal Life

Geneo Grissom had a great year in 2015. He got picked up by the New England Patriots, got engaged, and got married. His wife moved to New England with him and started at Boston College. According to reports, Geneo and Haley Grissom moved to Texas to be closer to their family after they were let go from the New Orleans Saints in 2019. They got on the HGTV show House Hunters because of this move.

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Meet Geneo Grissom’s Wife, Haley

After growing up in Dallas, Texas, Haley went to the University of Oklahoma for business school and then worked in the fashion industry. In 2015, Geneo was drafted to the New England Patriots where they have been blessed to stay for three seasons. When she moved to Boston, she started going to Boston College Law School.

When Haley is not cheering Geneo on during the season, she usually spent her time working for Boston firms on litigation, corporate transactions, and real estate. Her favorite quote is, “Have dreams so big that you don’t feel comfortable telling small-minded people about them.” Haley’s Instagram handle is @mrshaleygrissom, where she posts photos of herself and her family.

Who Is Geneo Grissom's Wife? A Look Into Their Personal Life

Haley got a few sales and marketing jobs while going to Boston College Law School to pay for her education. She also took a job with the Boston Municipal Court as an intern. Haley Grissom got a full-time job in Dallas in her field of study after she had worked in it for a while.

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Geneo and Haley Grissom both have successful jobs in Dallas, Texas, where they currently live. Haley Grissom is a junior associate at Caldwell Cassady & Curry PC. She works in litigation. Geneo Grissom works as a technical source for Uber right now.

Geneo Grissom doesn’t make as much money as he did when he played for the New England Patriots, but he still has a successful job. Haley Grissom gets paid a lot of money to do something she loves. The couple is still married, and the show House Hunters helped them find their dream home.

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