Who Is Gillian Jacobs’ Boyfriend? Is She Dating Chris Storer

Gillian Jacobs, the popular American actress, and the director is known for her impressive work in various television series and movies. She is well-known for her roles as the voice of Atom Eve in the animated superhero series Invincible and as Britta Perry on the NBC sitcom Community. She also played Mimi-Rose Howard in the fourth season of the HBO comedy-drama series Girls.

However, fans are always curious about her personal life, particularly her dating life. While Jacobs keeps her private life under wraps, rumors have circulated that she may be in a relationship with Christopher “Chris” Storer.

Jacobs’ Relationship Rumors With Chris Storer

Jacobs and Storer’s dating rumors date back to 2013 when a fan posted pictures of them together in several locations. Although the actress hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumors, in 2017, she revealed that she loved fellow theater nerds and was in a relationship with a creative individual but had never dated a fellow actor. Fans pointed towards Storer, who is a film producer, director, and writer, as a potential candidate.

Who Is Gillian Jacobs' Boyfriend? Is She Dating Chris Storer

In 2018, Jacobs and Storer were seen together at the special film screening of his movie “Eighth Grade,” where they posed for a picture. Though there was no official confirmation about their relationship status, her co-star Joel McHale confirmed them as an item in 2023. McHale, who played alongside Jacobs in “Community,” revealed the news while discussing his guest appearance in Storer’s series “The Bear.”

Chris Storer is known for his outstanding work in various films and TV shows, including “Ramy,” “Chris Rock Total Blackout: The Tamborine Extended Cut,” and the Peabody Award-winning Netflix special “Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King.” With his talent and creativity, he has made a name for himself in the film industry.

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Jacobs’ Bad Dating Experiences

Jacobs has shared several amusing and cringe-worthy stories about her dating experiences. With her strict and controlling mother and her infrequent partying, she has found it difficult to meet guys. She revealed that her first kiss happened when she was 15, and even after moving away from home, she was unable to meet anyone she wanted to date.

In one instance, her friends set her up with a guy, and she was so excited that she brought a case of energy drinks to stay up all night if need be. They met at a nightclub, but Jacobs’ attempt to flirt with the guy was unsuccessful. They moved on to another bar with her friends, and just as she thought she would finally have a boyfriend, her friends started a fight, and they got kicked out of the bar. Years later, she found out that her friends never informed the guy of the setup.

Who Is Gillian Jacobs' Boyfriend? Is She Dating Chris Storer

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In another instance, her dad set her up with a family friend who got drunk and threw her phone across the bar when he saw her looking at it. Jacobs drove them home even though they were too drunk to tell her where they lived. When they finally arrived at the guy’s apartment, he asked her to go to San Diego with him in three hours, to which she declined. The guy continued to text her for the next couple of weeks, despite her lack of interest in dating him.

Jacobs had another terrible date in New York, where she felt the guy had taken date ideas from the internet. They went to a bad sushi place followed by a dessert place that was a tourist attraction, which Jacobs wanted to avoid.

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