Who Is Herve Renard Girlfriend:? Meet His Soon To Be Wife Viviane Dièye

When Poland defeated Saudi Arabia on Saturday in the World Cup, the Saudi Arabian coach, Hervé Renard, felt terrible about letting his mother down.

To those who are unfamiliar, Hervé Jean-Marie Roger Renard, born on September 30, 1968, is the current manager of the Saudi Arabia national team and a former professional football coach and player.

There’s something about Herve that has women in the sports fandom going crazy, but unfortunately for them, the Frenchman is taken. Who does Hervé Renard date, and does he have a wife? Let’s find out

Who Is Herve Renard Is Dating Viviane Dièye?

Renard is dating Viviane Dièye, the widow of the French football player and manager Bruno Metsu.

About two decades before Renard caused a global sensation with his team’s victory against favorites Argentina, Dièye’s former husband Metsu guided Senegal to the first-round victory over then-world champions France.

Who Is Herve Renard Girlfriend:? Meet His Soon To Be Wife Viviane Dièye

After Metsu’s passing when Herve was manager of Morocco, Renard and Dièye, both parents of three, fell in love and started dating. There have been rumors that the couple is preparing to get married in the near future.

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Know More About Herve Renard’s Girlfriend, Viviane Dièye

Originally from Senegal, Viviane met her first husband Bruno Metsu in Italy, and he converted to Islam as their relationship developed.

Who Is Herve Renard Girlfriend:? Meet His Soon To Be Wife Viviane Dièye

Dièye has opened a business in Morocco, where she previously resided during Renard’s tenure as national team manager. She is the proud owner and manager of a sports business in a Casablanca mall.

Her first husband, who she divorced, is the biological father of her three children (Enzo, Noah, and Maeva). She is also the stepmother to Remy, who is from one of Metu’s earlier relationships.

Speaking to a Gulf publication after Metsu’s passing, she reflected on the decade she shared with him, saying, “I can say with great pride that I spent a wonderful decade by his side.”

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How Many Children Does Herve Renard Have?

Renard has three children and they are named Candice, Kevin, and Audrey. As a result of her participation in several French reality series, Candice has achieved considerable fame there.

During her father’s time managing the Morocco national soccer team, the 25-year-old was brutally attacked in the Ivory Coast during a match.


Renard was nearly in tears following the event, which occurred while he was waiting for Candice outside the team dressing room and she got trapped in a fight involving angry local fans and was struck by security personnel with batons. She eventually had to be carried out on a stretcher.

He commented thereafter, “I don’t know how people can behave like that towards my daughter.”

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