All About Holly Sonders’ Boyfriend And Their Relationship

Holly Sonders used to be a golfer and a model. She is recognized for the bold photographs she posts on social media. Sonders got a degree in journalism while playing golf at Michigan State. She worked at a few local news stations before getting a job with the Golf Channel in the early 2010s. There, she hosted Morning Drive and Golf School in addition to covering events as an on-site reporter. Sonders still had a reasonably big audience because she had a high number of Instagram followers. She has used that platform to promote her own projects, such as the fitness app she made and released in 2020.

Aside from that, Sonders is also well-known for her associations with famous people. Oscar De La Hoya, who used to be a boxer and an Olympian, is dating the 35-year-old model right now.

Meet Holly Sonders’ Boyfriend, Oscar De La Hoya

Sonders falls in love with Oscar De La Hoya, who used to be an athlete. Sonders and her lover Hoya have been dating for a while now. The Sun says that the couple started going together in August 2021. At the time, her boyfriend was working hard to get ready for his comeback to the ring against MMA legend Vitor Belfort, which was sure to be a big deal. The model who interviewed the former boxing champion at a boxing event in June 2021 is said to have brought the two together.

All About Holly Sonders' Boyfriend And Their Relationship

In an interview with TMZ in August, De La Hoya talked about his connection with Holly Sonders. Hoya said to the news site: “I’m healthy, I’m not drinking, I’m not doing anything; I’m just with my lovely girlfriend, Holly.”

Since they started dating, the two have never been apart. And their social media posts show how much they care about each other and how much they adore each other. Holly Sonders, who has more than 630k followers on Instagram, posts a lot of images with her new partner. In the same way, Oscar shows his almost one million followers images of the couple.

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Holly Got A Tattoo Of Her Boyfriend

It’s no secret that Sonders loves her current lover, Oscar De La Hoya, very much. But the model recently got a tattoo of her boyfriend on her back, which made their relationship even stronger. On November 14, 2021, Sonders posted a picture of her big tattoo on Instagram.

Along with the tattoo, the model also wrote in the post that she loved the 48-year-old fighter. “Dear Oscar, You can do anything you want. Except for this, there’s nothing I can give you that you don’t already have. “This tattoo shows the day you became The Golden Boy,” Sonders wrote.

De La Hoya, who won an Olympic gold medal in 1994, said he was thrilled to get the present. The former athlete told, “It’s better than anything I’ve ever been given. “Who can do better?” Oscar added, “Everything you can think of has been handed to me. And a tattoo, a beautiful picture of my mum and myself staring up at the sky. The Olympic Games of 1994 were just amazing.”

On the other hand, Sonders indicated that he got the tattoo for no clear purpose. She replied that it was a big sign of love. “I’m inked three times. I’ve been wanting a 4th for a long time.”

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Know About Holly Sonders’ Previous Relationship

Sonders is in her 30s, so it’s clear that Oscar isn’t her first relationship. In reality, she has been in at least two public relationships. She was married to Erik Kuselias before. Erik is a well-known TV and radio host who presently works for CBS Sports.

All About Holly Sonders' Boyfriend And Their Relationship

Sonders and Kuselias haven’t publicly commented about their relationship, although it’s likely that they started dating around 2011. Because they started going public that year, and Erik remained married to Kristen Kuselias until 2010.

They also got married, but the date of their wedding is not known to the public yet. Sonders and Erik split up in 2016 after being married for more than five years.

Holly rarely talks about her broken marriage, but in 2016, she told one of Erik’s admirers, “I filed for divorce more than a year ago…We haven’t spent much time together in a long time. Thanks.”

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