Is Erin Napier Pregnant? Rumors Debunked!

Erin Napier is married to her husband, Ben Napier, both are the stars of the HGTV show Home Town. They live in the small Mississippi town of Laurel and help fix old houses there. Erin is an artist who started her career in corporate graphic design. She and her husband Ben, who is a woodworker with a degree in history, love to save and fix up old houses.

In their series, home-buying families can learn from Erin’s knowledge of design and her creative house portraits, as well as Ben’s knowledge of building, woodworking, and custom renovations.

Now, on social media, the word is getting around that Erin Nappier is pregnant at the moment. People were confused when Erin seemed to be pregnant on camera. The holiday-themed show has started a new season, which surprised fans who had been missing the show and the work of the married couple The Napiers as if the holiday special wasn’t enough.

Is Erin Napier Pregnant? Rumors Debunked!

Let’s find out if the pregnancy rumors about Erin are true or not.

Erin Napier Pregnancy Rumors: Is She Expecting A Child?

Erin appeared to be pregnant in the recent episodes of her show Home Town, however, she is not expecting again at this time. Some of the episodes of Home Town Season 6 were filmed in Season 5 when she was pregnant. At that time she was pregnant with Ben’s second kid.

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She shared her thoughts on Instagram, stating: “My due date for Mae was in about four weeks, so please be patient with me while the next two reveals are delayed due to my pregnancy. While the scenes were filmed during Season 5, the shows were postponed so that she could take maternity leave, thus everything you’re seeing is all new, she reassured a confused fan.”

Is Erin Napier Pregnant? Rumors Debunked!

So, it’s crystal clear now that Erin Nappier is not pregnant now.

Meet Erin and Ben’s children

Erin and Ben Napier are overjoyed to have a family of four. The couple shares two daughters together. In May of 2021, the HGTV stars had their second daughter, Mae. The Home Town actors are also parents to a beautiful baby girl named Helen.

Erin wrote “Mae” in the caption of the Instagram post that showed polaroid photos of the little bunch of joy. The couple also told People about the new baby, saying, “We are excited to have another daughter to love, but we are even more excited to see how she and Helen will get along. They already love each other so much!”

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In April, the Home Town couple announced they were expecting again, less than two months before the show’s premiere. Another child is on the way! Erin and Ben revealed this to the public. After marrying in 2008, the couple says they found out they were expecting in September 2020, while filming their HGTV series Home Town in Laurel, Mississippi.

Once at a time, Ben said that they didn’t want to have children because their stationary business, which they called their “baby,” was “kind of overwhelming.” The star of Home Town: Ben’s Workshop said, “It wasn’t that we didn’t want kids; we just had so much going on.” It was just not the right time.”

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