Is Kobe’s Wife Vanessa Bryant Pregnant?

Kobe Bryant died at age 41, along with his daughter, who was 13. They were on their way to a Mamba Sports Academy game in Thousand Oaks, California.

Natalia was the first child Vanessa and Kobe had together. She was born in 2003. Then, three years later, they had Gianna, followed by Bianka in 2016 and Capri in 2019.

Right before Kobe’s death, there were rumors that they were planning on having their 5th child and earlier this year, Vanessa got hit with pregnancy rumors. Vanessa Bryant attended the All-Star game on Sunday, February 20, 2022, and some fans asked on Twitter if she was pregnant.

Find out if Vanessa Bryant is pregnant and the origin of the pregnancy rumors by reading on!

Vanessa Bryant Body Shamed With Pregnant Comments: Are The Rumors True? 

In February of this year, fans began to speculate that Vanessa was pregnant after noticing that she appeared to have gained weight. Many people thought that she became pregnant not with another man’s sperm but with one of the embryos she and Kobe had frozen prior to his death.

At the All-Star game, Kobe Bryant’s wife was seen standing next to Michael Jordan. Vanessa Bryant was wearing a very big, loose coat, which made some people think she was pregnant.

Is Kobe's Wife Vanessa Bryant Pregnant?

As soon as they saw her, some people made rude comments about her appearance, pointing out her weight and calling her “pregnant” even though there was no proof.

Vanessa wore all black to the event at Rocket Mortgage FielHouse and looked absolutely stunning.

She was there to give the first Kobe and Gigi Bryan Advocacy Award to Chris Paul.

After giving Chris the award, she took a picture with him and his daughter Cameron. Many people immediately called her out for looking pregnant.

Is Kobe's Wife Vanessa Bryant Pregnant?
Is Kobe's Wife Vanessa Bryant Pregnant?

Despite the fact that many people made fun of Vanessa Bryant for seeming pregnant, some people were more sympathetic and came to her rescue. Twitter users collectively demonstrated their love for Kobe’s wife:

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Another said: “Why are people trippin about Vanessa Bryant possibly being pregnant??? That woman been through sooo much. Let her live”

Is Kobe's Wife Vanessa Bryant Pregnant?

By shutting down the ongoing discussion over her looks and speculations claiming she’s pregnant, fans expressed their support for the mother of four.

Conclusion: Vanessa Bryant is not pregnant, but remember that all it takes is a single image to get the ball rolling. The moral of the story, if there is one, is to exercise caution around controversial subjects and not assume anything without solid evidence.

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