Is Lexi Rivera Dating Andrew Davila In 2022? Complete Information!

Alexa Brooke Rivera or Lexi Rivera is an American gymnast and internet star who was born on June 7, 2001. She first got famous by appearing in videos made by her older brother Brent Rivera. Later, she started making videos on her own. She is now working for Amp Studios, a company that her brother Brent Rivera started.

Lexi started her channel on August 21, 2010, and makes videos with her friends Ben Azelart, Andrew Davilla, Caleb Burton, Stokes Twins, Dominic Brack, Pierson Wodzynski, and Lexi Hensler, who are also members of Amp World.

She usually makes prank videos and vlogs with her family and friends. She has more than 8.4 million followers on her Instagram account, also has millions of followers on Tiktok, and often works with Brent to make money with video content.

Lexi Rivera is rumored to be single as of 2022, but she dated YouTuber Ben Azelart from 2018 to 2020 and has been linked to Andrew Davila.

Is Lexi Rivera Dating Andrew?

Lexi and Andrew Often share their photographs on their respective Instagram accounts. From the pictures, there are speculations that they might be dating.

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One of the latest pictures of “Landrew” (Yes, this is the nickname for a couple which was given by their Fans)from Andrew‘s account, is from Lexi’s 21st birthday celebration. The duo is seen having great fun together. The caption reads, “What’s 9+10 ? 🥂 (Lexi’s birthday not mine lol)”.

There are many fandom accounts currently running on Instagram under the name Landrew. The accounts are stuffed with couple’s pictures. But neither of them has confirmed or denied the dating rumors.

Their dating rumors started when she posted a YouTube video with the title “MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND.” In the clip, she reportedly played a joke on her ex-boyfriend Ben Azelart by making him think that she was with Andrew. Also, at the beginning of the video, she says that despite the prank, they are just “really good friends.”

Fans think they might be seeing each other behind the scenes, though, because he is always filming TikToks with Lexi for their accounts. Their comment sections are always overflowed with cute comments for the couple. mexicangirl_111 wrote,”yall are so cute together 😍😍”, ayesha_memon30 taunts, “Ummmmm i think frnds don’t post pictures of happy Birthday….. Ummmm ya gf bf do… A bf or gf always posts them wishing happy Birthday… Ummmm frnds,🌚🌚”.

Is Lexi Rivera Dating Andrew Davila In 2022?Complete Information!

We are super excited to hear some confirmed news from them.

Who Is Lexi’s Ex-Boyfriend, Ben Azelart?

The 18-year-old ex-boyfriend of Lexi, Ben Azelart, is also a social media influencer. He has a YouTube channel with nearly 7 million subscribers, and over 5.7 million people follow him on Instagram.
The two reportedly dated on and off since she was 15 years old, and they released a video on YouTube called We Broke Up to confirm that they had broken up.

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Ben talked to their fans about their breakup and said, “I think what was hard was that we wanted to make you guys happy as well as make ourselves happy. But I think, in the end, we just didn’t do both.”

He also said that they both needed time to be “independent.”

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