Who Is Jackson Mahomes’ Girlfriend? He Was Arrested For Sexual Battery

Jackson Mahomes, the younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He has often appeared alongside his brother Patrick throughout his career. The siblings appeared in a State Farm commercial together, and Jackson has a large following on social media. He has also made appearances alongside Patrick at games and Super Bowl celebrations. However, Jackson has been embroiled in several controversies while shadowing his brother Patrick.

Jackson has been the subject of rumors and controversy in the entertainment world. One of the most prevailing questions among many football and entertainment fans is if he is gay. In this article, we’ll take about his romantic relationships and the controversies around him.

Does Jackson Mahomes Have A Girlfriend?

Reports say that Jackson Mahomes is not married and does not have a girlfriend at the moment. He has, however, been tied to another influencer, Dayna Marie. Last year, they kissed on camera, which made fans think they were dating. But neither Jackson nor Dayna said anything about a relationship of any kind. There’s also a chance that Jackson isn’t in a relationship at all. He has a lot of problems right now, after all.

Who Is Jackson Mahomes' Girlfriend? He Was Arrested For Sexual Battery

It is worth noting that Jackson’s personal life and relationship status should not overshadow the more serious allegations against him. Sexual harassment and assault are serious crimes that should be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. While Jackson is entitled to due process, the allegations against him should not be trivialized or ignored.

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Controversy Around Jackson Mahomes

Jackson Mahomes has made the news for all the wrong reasons. The past few months have been tough for the Mahomes family, especially after video footage of Jackson forcibly kissing a woman broke out on social media. The woman in question filed harassment charges against him, and the police are still investigating this matter. After the probe began, Jackson disappeared for a short time from social media. Many in the NFL community assumed that Patrick had enough of his brother’s antics and forced him into virtual hibernation. However, all those assumptions were dashed as Jackson started making a slow comeback to social media.

Who Is Jackson Mahomes' Girlfriend? He Was Arrested For Sexual Battery

Recently, Jackson has been arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery and an additional count of misdemeanor battery. The charges reportedly stem from an incident at a local restaurant in late February, where he was accused of assaulting the restaurant owner, Aspen Vaughn, by forcibly kissing her and shoving a waiter. However, Jackson denied these allegations through his lawyer, Brandon Davies, in a statement to KCTV5 in March.

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Controversy Around Jackson Mahomes’ Sexuality

Many NFL fans associate Jackson Mahomes with “trouble” or “controversy”. Additionally, rumors have circulated about his sexual orientation, with some assuming he is gay or even transgender. Fans have cited his voice as evidence of his homosexuality, while others claim his TikTok dances are too “girly”. In his YouTube video, Jackson confirmed that he was not gay and that people making assumptions about his sexuality based on his voice were hurtful and disrespectful.

Who Is Jackson Mahomes' Girlfriend? He Was Arrested For Sexual Battery

Jackson has faced a lot of homophobic slurs, especially during his brother’s games or in his Instagram DMs. It is important to remember that assuming someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity based on their voice or mannerisms is harmful and disrespectful. Jackson has repeatedly stated that he is attracted to girls and that rumors about his sexuality are unfounded.

Jackson Mahomes’ reputation has been tarnished due to his controversial actions, and it remains to be seen how the criminal investigation into his recent charges will play out. It is important to remember that Jackson has denied these rumors and that it is hurtful to him and disrespectful to assume someone’s sexuality without any concrete evidence. As fans, it is essential to give Jackson privacy and respect his choices.

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