Jania And Dejounte Murray Part Ways Soon After She Has His Tattoo Removed

It would appear that Dejounte Murray and his girlfriend Jania Meshell have ended their relationship for good as a result of the allegations that he had a hidden affair with his baby mama Imani Nicholee. The breakup is also the result of Meshell replacing a tattoo of Murray that was previously located on her chest with a different design.

It would appear that Jania and Dejounte Murray, a standout player for the San Antonio Spurs, had ended their relationship once more.

This is allegedly in response to a screenshot that was taken of Imani’s close pals. Dejounte Murray is the baby’s father. The narrative made it seem as though she and Dejounte were still carrying on a romantic connection.

Jania And Dejounte Murray Part Ways Soon After She Has His Tattoo Removed

Imani, the woman who gave birth to Dejounte’s child, has stated that the post is a hoax and that she is in a relationship with someone else other than Dejounte at this time. But despite this, Jania ended her relationship with Dejounte because she is unable to determine what is or is not “genuine.”

In addition to that, she was adding that she had at long last discovered the love of a Cinderella story. It appears that tattoo number two will need to be covered up at this point. Since then, Dejounte has closed his Instagram account. Jania has terminated her participation on Twitter.

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After calling it quits, Dejounte Murray and Jania Meshell have reconciled their relationship, and to add some spice to the situation, Jania has received a new tattoo. Prior to their breakup, she had covered over an older tattoo with a newer one. Jania previously had a tattoo of Murray’s name on her chest, but she had it removed after they ended their relationship. Since then, she has replaced it with a new tattoo that she obtained through Side Action.

Due to the fact that these two have had a complicated relationship for a number of years, there are constantly stories circulating about them. They parted ways in May of 2020, shortly after Murray made an attempt to publish some of her private photographs. It had only been a few short months after the pandemic had begun when it struck the couple severely.

Jania And Dejounte Murray Part Ways Soon After She Has His Tattoo Removed

When they first started dating, Jania got a tattoo of his name on her chest. It would appear that after the relationship ended, Jania had the tattoo covered up. Now she has returned with a fresh tattoo bearing Dejounte’s name on her body.

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On Twitter, Jania defended her decision to get Murray’s name tattooed on her again by arguing the reasons why she would do so.

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