Jasha Lottin: The Woman Who Posed Naked Inside A Dead Horse Was Inspired By Star Wars

In 2011, a woman named Jasha Lottin caused horror when she posed inside a freshly killed horse. After photos of Jasha Lottin sitting nude inside a corpse of a horse went viral, she and her boyfriend, John Frost, got death threats and became the subject of media attention across the country.

There are periodic reruns of Jasha’s story on the Internet. Even now, eleven years later, their story is making headlines thanks to viral videos on TikTok. In this post, we will look at the origin of the Jasha Lottin story and explain everything you need to know about the same.

The Jasha Lottin Story Explained: Naked Woman Who Climbed Inside Gutted Dead Horse

The 32-year-old horse that Jasha Lottin and her boyfriend John Frost were caring for was in poor health, so they made the decision to put it down in the most “humane” way possible.

The two of them used a high-powered gun to kill the horse with a single shot. Still, the couple wasn’t satisfied, and their next move prompted “intense emotional reactions” and even death threats.

After taking the insides out of the dead horse, Jasha stripped down to nothing, climbed inside the body, and took some very disturbing pictures. After the photos went viral, the couple got a lot of bad feedback, which led police to look into whether they hurt the animal.

Jasha’s head can be seen peeking out from the body of the horse in one picture, and she has a knowing grin on her face. Another shows a naked Jasha standing in the blood of the animal, with half of her hair now entirely red from the contact.

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For what purpose was the horse killed, its organs removed, and then consumed? You know, in order to be “at one with the horse” and with nature. So says The Huffington Post, read on to know more.

Why Did Jasha Lottin Pose For Pictures Inside Dead Horse? She Was Inspired By Star Wars

Jasha Lottin claimed she was motivated to enter the body of a dead horse she had just slain and mutilated by a scene from the Star Wars movies.

Jasha Lottin: The Woman Who Posed Naked Inside A Dead Horse Was Inspired By Star Wars

After Jasha, an Oregon resident, and her partner ‘humanely’ shot their 32-year-old horse because of the animal’s deteriorating health, she uploaded frightening photos of herself online.

Ms. Lottin claimed that she had two objectives in mind when she climbed into the horse. First, she wanted to be “at one” with the animal, and second, and maybe more oddly, she believes that a Star Wars scenario served as her inspiration.

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Authorities Didn’t Bring Charges Against The Couple In Dead Horse Case

Animal rights activists and concerned citizens reported Jasha and John when their story went viral. HuffPost has learned that authorities in Oregon did not press charges against the pair because their behavior was not unlawful there.

Even if the whole event sounds disgusting, the police had some intriguing things to say about it.

Jasha Lottin: The Woman Who Posed Naked Inside A Dead Horse Was Inspired By Star Wars

Washington County Sergeant Dave Thompson said to The Huffington Post that the woman’s admission that she “crawled into the horse between killing and eating” was not illegal.

He continued, “If they had murdered the horse only for the purpose of shooting the photos, then we would have had a case for animal cruelty.”

TikTok Users’ Reaction To The Jasha Lottin Dead Horse Photos

The internet loves a good comeback story, and Jasha’s is currently trending on TikTok because it keeps coming up again and again. A few people have already cautioned you not to check up the story, and we wouldn’t recommend searching for the photographs if you’re easily disturbed.

An individual commented, “Omg, never again, I believe I’m going to puke,” beneath a video on TikTok. ‘Can’t sleep because it was so cringe,’ said another. I looked them up on Google and my eyes feel like they could be throwing up.

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