Jax And Brittany Divorce: What Really Drove Them Apart

The split between Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, known from Vanderpump Rules, is buzzing all over. At a recent event, they spilled the tea on why they called it quits after almost five years of marriage. They hit up The Valley series premiere party in style at their Studio City sports bar, making heads turn and tongues wag.

But the real scoop came when they both opened up about their “taking time apart” status and living in separate digs. Page Six and The Daily Dish dished out the details straight from the red carpet. Jax Taylor, 44, made it clear it’s not a divorce, while Brittany Cartwright, 35, confirmed the split. Taylor even hinted at a possible reconciliation, keeping fans on the edge with a hopeful “Of course” when asked about patching things up. So, what’s the real deal? Let’s dive in and unpack everything about Jax and Brittany’s rollercoaster relationship.

Let’s delve deeper into the intricacies of Jax and Brittany’s relationship and explore the reasons behind their marital split. A central aspect of this discussion revolves around the question: did they cheat on each other?

Why Did Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright Split?

Jax and Brittany’s breakup had been brewing for a while, with cracks in their relationship showing up in various ways. Brittany revealed on “Vanderpump Rules” that they were trying for a second child, but it seemed their intimate life had taken a nosedive. Despite her efforts, they hadn’t been as active as they once were, which Brittany openly discussed, highlighting the strain it put on them.

Jax And Brittany Divorce: What Really Drove Them Apart

Jax echoed similar sentiments, admitting to letting the romantic spark fade and attributing it partly to the challenges of parenthood. However, Brittany pointed out that Jax’s lack of effort in addressing other issues also played a role. She expressed feeling unappreciated and taken for granted, emphasizing her need for change and improvement. Despite their struggles, neither has officially called it quits with divorce filings yet, leaving room for speculation about the future of their relationship.

She articulates her feelings, stating, “As I care for our toddler, I also find myself caring for another ‘toddler’ named Jax Taylor, as I take on the majority of household responsibilities. I simply wish to feel valued and appreciated by my spouse.”

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Despite their challenges, including co-parenting, working together at Taylor’s Studio City restaurant, and hosting their podcast, “When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany,” Cartwright affirms her love for Taylor while acknowledging his difficult nature.

Is Jax Cheating On His Wife?

Jax recently shut down rumors about cheating that swirled after a trailer dropped. “We’re just having a bit of trouble talking right now. That’s it, nothin’ more,” he spilled exclusively to E! News at The Valley premiere party. “There’s no cheating, no sneaky stuff. It’s just us not getting along sometimes, like normal people do.” He explained, “We’re still seeing each other every day. The only diff is we’re not bunking together. That’s all.”

Jax And Brittany Divorce: What Really Drove Them Apart

Meanwhile, Brittany chimed in, confirming Jax’s infidelity wasn’t the trigger for their split. She spilled the beans, saying, “We had a mega fight, and I decided to pack up and go. Been crashin’ in an Airbnb since Jan 24.” “I’m doing it for my own peace of mind,” she added. “I’m solid on my decision to take a breather.”

Despite their drama, they’re on the same page about their little one. “He’s our top priority, we both agree on that,” Jax emphasized. “We want him to know he’s got two parents who adore him, whether we’re a couple or not.”

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Brittany chimed in, saying, “I don’t want our son growing up thinking fights are normal.” She’s holding onto hope but needs Jax to step up. “No one’s loved him like I have,” she said. “I’ve been through thick and thin with him. If he makes some changes I’ve asked for, maybe we can patch things up. Right now, though, I gotta focus on me. My mental health comes first.”

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