JD Harmeyer Divorce With Wife Jennifer Tanko – Rumors Debunked

Howard Stern has this fantastic ability to make people who seem to be ordinary into huge stars. In particular, Howard can make his employees almost as popular as he is. People who watch The Howard Stern Show are just as interested in what his staff does as they are in what Howard does.

Jamie Daniel Harmeyer, also known as JD Harmeyer, is one of the most famous people who work on The Howard Stern Show. Harmeyer’s fans know him for his hooting laugh and his unique way of making people laugh.

Thanks to the wild west that the Internet is, every now and then rumors start circulating about celebrities’ private lives like pregnancy and break up. Similarly, people started speculating that JD Harmeyer had broken up with his wife Jennifer Tanko and both were on their way to divorce. In this post, we will discuss those rumors and debunk them.

JD Harmeyer Divorce With Wife Jennifer Tanko - Rumors Debunked

First, let’s talk a bit about how they met and got married.

JD Harmeyer’s Marriage With Wife Jennifer Tanko

Howard Stern, a well-known radio host, and Harmeyer’s coworker used to talk about his love life on his show. No one knows exactly when they started dating, but Stern would often talk about his relationships. Reports say that the two started dating in 2016 and that they got engaged in February 2017. The couple got married in a private ceremony in Las Vegas on August 25, 2018. 

There were only 10 people at the ceremony, so it was small and personal. His coworkers from The Howard Stern Show were not at the wedding, but they sent the couple their best wishes. Only people who were related by blood were allowed to come to the happy event.

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JD Harmeyer And Wife Jennifer Tanko Are Still Together – Divorce Rumors Debunked

People have thought that they broke up because they haven’t been seen together in a long time. Reddit user rob_p954 noted, ‘I use to follow her and him on IG but hadn’t seen her on there for a while. I just checked out his page and all pictures of them are gone. Guess true love is over.’

JD Harmeyer Divorce With Wife Jennifer Tanko - Rumors Debunked

Most of their fans thought they were “unsuitable” for each other because they had very different tastes in many areas. Jennifer Tanko is a fitness enthusiast while JD doesn’t like moving around too much. Also, Tanko loves being outdoors while JD prefers a comfortable stay home kind of lifestyle.

When rumors of their breakup started to spread, his wife’s Instagram was made private and her Twitter account was deleted. Even though there have been a lot of rumors, the couple has not made an official statement about their divorce.

So as long as there is no confirmation from either JD Harmeyer or his wife Jennifer Tanko, we can safely consider their divorce rumors to be false

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Who Is JD’s Wife Jennifer Tanko?

Not much is in the public domain about Jennifer Tanko. And that’s exactly how  JD wants it. He is famously quiet on the air about her, especially in the last two years. Fans on Reddit now think that he and Jennifer Tanko have actually split up because of this. But it doesn’t look like there is any proof of this. Even as recently as January 2022, JD has talked about Jennifer on the show.

We do know that Jennifer Tanko was a blogger and a make-up artist in New York City. The woman from Virginia also works in radio, which is probably how she met JD.

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