Jeetendra Kapoor Death Rumors: Visit To Ailing Junior Mehmood

Born as Ravi Kapoor on 7 April 1942, Jeetendra is a renowned Indian actor celebrated for his contributions to Hindi cinema. In addition to his acting prowess, he holds the position of chairman at Balaji Telefilms and Balaji Motion Pictures. Jeetendra hails from a Punjabi Khatri family and spent his early years in Amritsar, Punjab.

His parents, Amarnath and Krishna Kapoor, were involved in the business of imitation jewelry, catering to the film industry. Jeetendra’s educational journey included St. Sebastian’s Goan High School in Mumbai, where he shared his school days with friend Rajesh Khanna, and later, he pursued studies at Siddharth College in Mumbai.

In addition to the distressing situation involving Junior Mehmood’s health, there is a growing curiosity about Jeetendra Kapoor’s death, prompting a discussion on whether he is alive or not. This article will delve into the details of Jeetendra’s current status, addressing the speculations. Furthermore, we will explore Jeetendra’s compassionate gesture as he honors ailing Junior’s request, shedding light on various other aspects surrounding these events.

Jeetendra Kapoor Death: Is He Still Alive?

Jeetendra, known by his stage name, remains safe and thriving. This highly acclaimed Indian actor and producer has left an indelible mark on the Hindi film industry with his exceptional contributions.

Jeetendra Kapoor Death Rumors: Visit To Ailing Junior Mehmood

Over the span of several decades, Jeetendra has become synonymous with his outstanding dancing skills and charismatic performances. Recognizing his immense talent, he received the prestigious Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003 and the Screen Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006.

A key aspect of Jeetendra’s impact on Indian cinema is his portrayal of iconic characters in the remakes of Telugu films during the 1980s. His on-screen partnerships with renowned actresses Jaya Prada and Sridevi were particularly memorable, showcasing his impeccable acting skills and natural chemistry with co-stars.

Beyond acting, Jeetendra’s career highlighted his prowess as a skilled dancer, with his energetic and graceful moves becoming his trademark. This not only earned him a devoted fan following but also solidified his position as a beloved figure in the hearts of moviegoers.

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Throughout his illustrious journey, Jeetendra has inspired generations of actors, leaving behind a lasting legacy that continues to shine in the Hindi film industry.

Jeetendra Honors Ailing Junior’s Request

Seeing his former colleague, Junior Mehmood, in the grips of stage-4 stomach cancer left Jeetendra visibly distressed as he visited the ailing actor at his Bandra home. Known for his childhood impersonation of the legendary Mehmood Ali, Junior gained fame for his roles in films like ‘Brahmachari’ (1968), ‘Caravan’ (1971), and ‘Haathi Mere Saathi’ (1971).

Jeetendra Kapoor Death Rumors: Visit To Ailing Junior Mehmood

Jeetendra, along with comedian Johnny Lever, paid a visit on Tuesday after Junior expressed a desire to meet. The once-animated actor is now in considerable pain, unable to recognize visitors or open his eyes. Jeetendra had initially planned to visit on Sunday but moved up his plans upon learning of Junior’s deteriorating health.

Recalling their collaboration in the ’60s-’70s, Jeetendra shared memories of working together in Nasir Hussain’s ‘Caravan,’ where Junior played his younger brother. Despite not having spoken or met for years, Jeetendra expressed deep concern upon hearing about Junior’s illness. He also reminisced about working with Junior’s wife, Lata, in a film titled ‘Suhagaan.’

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As Junior battles his ailment, Jeetendra, visibly affected, remarked on his significant weight loss and pledged to keep him in his prayers, wishing for peaceful days ahead for the ailing actor.

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