Who Is Jenna Lyons Dating? Meet Her Girlfriend Cass Bird

Jenna Lyons is a notable American figure in the world of fashion, renowned as a designer, businesswoman, and television personality.

She held the prestigious position of executive creative director and president at J.Crew from 2010 until April 2017, when she made the decision to leave the company. In 2013, Jenna Lyons earned the moniker “Woman Who Dresses America” for her significant influence in the fashion world.

In addition to her fashion career, Jenna has made appearances on television, notably starring in her reality series called “Stylish with Jenna Lyons” and joining the cast of “The Real Housewives of New York City” in the show’s fourteenth season.

Jenna Lyons publicly revealed her latest romantic relationship through a feature in The New York Times, published in June 2023. Currently, she is in a relationship with photographer Cass Bird.

Jenna Lyons Is Currently Dating Cass Bird

Jenna Lyons, the first openly gay member of the New York City Housewives, officially confirmed her relationship with Bird during an interview with the New York Times in June.

Prior to this confirmation, she had shared in April that she had a deep infatuation for someone. The snapshot in question portrays Bird, who sports a beachy bucket hat and sunglasses, striking a pose with her hand supporting her chin.

Who Is Jenna Lyons Dating? Meet Her Girlfriend Cass Bird

Bird was featured in various videos captured by Lyons during their stay at the Austrian resort. Additionally, there were other snapshots showing them with a group of fellow travelers.

Jenna also posted an image of the couple on her Instagram story, where they were seen posing together by the water. In the photo, Cass Bird appeared relaxed, leaning into Jenna Lyons.

It appears that Jenna Lyons, the former J.Crew executive and a star of “Real Housewives of New York,” may have announced her engagement to her girlfriend, Cass Bird. Lyons, aged 55, hinted at the news by posting a captivating black-and-white photo of the couple, highlighting her substantial diamond engagement ring.

Who Is Cass Bird, Jenna Lyons’ Partner?

Cass Bird, originally from California, was born and grew up in Los Angeles before eventually relocating to the East Coast.

She completed her education at Smith College in Massachusetts in 1999 and subsequently made her home in New York City, where she currently resides.

During her time at Smith College, she explored various art-related courses, including glassblowing and photography. In an interview with Communication Arts, she admitted that photography didn’t come naturally to her, but she was intrigued by its mechanics.

Growing up around actors and interesting individuals, she found a sense of familiarity and comfort in capturing their stories. She began her photography journey by taking pictures of her actor friends, many of which were later published.

Who Is Jenna Lyons Dating? Meet Her Girlfriend Cass Bird

Her early commercial assignments included work for renowned brands like Nike, Urban Outfitters, and Converse.

In 2005, her photographs started making appearances in gallery exhibitions, and before long, they became a part of the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum.

Know More About Jenna Lyons Relationships

Jenna Lyons was previously married to artist Vincent Mazeau from 2002 to 2011. They have a 16-year-old son named Beckett.

During her divorce, her relationship with a woman was inadvertently disclosed by a news outlet. Jenna shared her thoughts on this unexpected revelation during the second episode of Season 14.

In the episode, when asked by fellow cast member Sai De Silva if she had publicly come out, Jenna promptly responded, “Oh, no, that was done for me by the New York Post.”

Jenna described the circumstances leading to her outing, recalling a low-key dinner with her date at a restaurant, with no public displays of affection.

She was surprised to receive a call from the CEO and head of PR at J.Crew, along with a representative from the outlet, asking if she wanted to confirm or deny the information that she was dating a woman.

At that point, Jenna had not even informed her family or colleagues about her new relationship.

Who Is Jenna Lyons Dating? Meet Her Girlfriend Cass Bird

She admitted, “I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was three weeks into this thing. I had no idea. It was so early… Anyway, so I heard the words come out of my mouth, I just said ‘Confirm.'”

When asked by her castmate Erin Lichy if she was currently dating someone, Jenna confirmed that she was but chose not to divulge further details to the rest of the cast.

In a confessional interview during the same episode, Jenna explained why she had kept her partner’s identity a secret, saying, “My life has put me in the public eye for my job and other things I’ve done, and that is my choice. And if someone does not want to be in that with me, then I have to respect that.”

It’s worth noting that Jenna did eventually share information about that specific relationship with her “RHONY” castmates, although it was not the relationship with Cass Bird. This disclosure occurred after that relationship had ended, as reported by the New York Times

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