Did Jenny McCarthy Get Plastic Surgery?

Jenny McCarthy gained fame in 1994 when she was named Playboy’s Playmate of the Year. Her vibrant personality and a strong sense of humor paved the way for a successful career as a TV personality, which continues to thrive today. However, there has been speculation about whether she has undergone plastic surgery to maintain her youthful appearance.

Recently, the Masked Singer fans were shocked by the news of Rita Ora replacing Nicole Scherzinger as a judge for the upcoming season. Judges Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy expressed their excitement about Rita’s addition in an interview with ET shortly before the season’s Fox debut. Additionally, Jenny has been candid about her openness to cosmetic procedures. In 2009, at the age of 36, she expressed her positive views on plastic surgery, particularly her fondness for Botox. Let’s delve into her journey, also get to know about the upcoming season and transformation in this article.

Who Is Jenny McCarthy? Has She Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Ann McCarthy-Wahlberg is an American actress, model, and TV personality who kickstarted her career in 1993 by posing as a nude model for Playboy magazine, eventually earning the title of Playmate of the Year. She’s been quite transparent about her cosmetic choices, admitting to being a regular Botox user in 2012, emphasizing its role in her beauty regimen. Interestingly, while she’s embraced Botox for her forehead, Jenny has chosen not to have lip injections. This choice came to light after talk show host Wendy Williams was revealed as a contestant on The Masked Singer in 2020, where her costume was giant red lips.

Did Jenny McCarthy Get Plastic Surgery?

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In addition to Botox, Jenny has been open about her breast enhancements. Her first breast surgery occurred when she was 19, and she underwent two more procedures with plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow. She explained that she had her breasts made smaller initially and then enlarged again, attributing these changes to the impact of childbirth on her body. Jenny has one child, Evan, born in 2002, from her previous marriage to John Asher. She has been married to actor and New Kids on the Block member Donnie Wahlberg since 2014.

Robin Thicke And Jenny McCarthy’s Responses To Rita Ora Joining ‘The Masked Singer’

The announcement of Rita Ora taking over Nicole Scherzinger’s judging role on the upcoming season of The Masked Singer surprised many fans of the show. In anticipation of the season’s debut on Fox, judges Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy shared their excitement about Rita joining the panel. Jenny expressed her enthusiasm for Rita, describing her as a delightful addition and a suitable replacement for Nicole. However, she also expressed her hope for Nicole’s return, emphasizing the strong bond among the judges.

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Did Jenny McCarthy Get Plastic Surgery?

Robin acknowledged that they would miss Nicole but praised Rita’s talent and was grateful that she could step in to fill Nicole’s significant role. Additionally, both Robin and Jenny entertained the idea that Nicole might be a contestant behind one of the masks, speculating on the possibility of her surprise appearance on the show. The 10th season of The Masked Singer premiered on Wednesday, September 27 on Fox, with the unveiling of the first celebrity contestant.

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