Know About Jerry Rice’s Wife And Their Relationship

Jerry Rice is the best wide receiver in the history of football. Jerry, a legendary wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, made sure that no one would miss him at the team’s divisional playoff game against Dallas on Sunday. Rice wore an amazing chain to the divisional game. It had a big, bejeweled Niners helmet with the word “GOAT” written on the back.

Rice did his best here. Even if he didn’t have the chain, no one in San Francisco would miss him, but he made sure everyone knew who he was and who he was cheering for on Sunday. He gave up his GOAT claim on his own a few years ago, saying he had never wanted it anyway. Still, he might as well use it as long as he has a good reason to.

People now talk a lot about how he looks. People begin looking for him on the internet. His fans want to know about his personal life. The most common question is about his wife, to whom he proposed in a very interesting way, and who he has been with ever since. Read on to find out more about everything.

Who Is Jerry Rice’s Wife?

Jerry Rice is married to Latisha Pelayo. The website FabWags says that Latisha is a licensed esthetician who used to own a skincare salon. She is said to have met Rice at the gym, which must have been cool. People say that the man who is thought to be the best wide receiver in NFL history has a pretty intense workout plan. No wonder Pelayo noticed him.

Know About Jerry Rice's Wife And Their Relationship

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Know About Rice’s Sweet Proposal To His Wife Pelayo

Rice and Pelayo started dating in 2008. According to TMZ Sports, Rice’s Hall of Famer boyfriend proposed to her in March 2018 at the DeBartolo Family Foundation All-Star Charity Gala in Tampa, Miami. The proposal was caught by TMZ Sports. Rice was wearing a black tuxedo, and Pelayo had her hair down to her shoulders and was wearing an elegant black dress.

Know About Jerry Rice's Wife And Their Relationship

In the TMZ Sports clip, Rice stood at the podium and wowed the crowd with his smile and warm personality. Pelayo stood in the middle of the stage and watched him. The ex-NFL player asked her to marry him and said in the video, “I would like to tell her four things. I want to ask this woman, Latisha, who has been there for me for so many years, “Will you marry me?”

Rice gave her a beautiful ring right after he asked her out. Pelayo was shocked, but she kept her cool. She said “yes” and kissed and hugged Rice on stage. The crowd went wild with praise, cheers, and applause as soon as they saw the couple’s unforgettable moment. Also according to TMZ Sports, Rice and Pelayo started dating in 2008.

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Rice And Pelayo Got Married In 2019

The 59-year-old football star and Pelayo got married in 2019 after dating for more than ten years. They got married at Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley, California, by the lake. People Reported that in the vineyard, guests were served refreshing drinks while a mariachi band played music. The reception was held on the lawn with candles and a jazz band playing music.

Know About Jerry Rice's Wife And Their Relationship

Rice was married to Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell before they divorced. The couple got a divorce in December 2009 and have three children together.

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