Who Is Jim Acosta’ Wife? Know About His Personal Life

Jim Acosta, a well-known American journalist, has been making headlines for his hard-hitting reporting for decades. He used to be the network’s main White House reporter during the Trump administration. When President Trump got angry with him at press meetings, the whole country paid attention. As CNN’s top White House reporter, Acosta also wrote about the Obama government. On January 11, 2021, it was reported that Acosta would be CNN’s new Anchor and Chief Domestic Correspondent. This was right before Trump left office.

However, little is known about his personal life, particularly his ex-wife, Sharon Mobley Acosta. The couple was together for 23 years, and despite their split in 2017, people still wonder what happened to Jim Acosta’s wife. In this article, we take a closer look at Sharon Mobley Acosta’s life, her career, and her family.

Meet Jim Acosta’s Ex-Wife, Sharon Mobley Acosta

Sharon Mobley Acosta was born on December 26, 1970, in Severna Park, Maryland. She is the daughter of Joy Johnson (mother) and Kent W. Stow (father). Sharon was raised alongside her sister, Michelle Marie Stow Vance, and her brother, Steven. Her parents instilled Christian values in her, and she attended a Maryland-based medical high school.

Who Is Jim Acosta' Wife? Know About His Personal Life

Sharon attended James Madison University in Virginia to pursue a nursing degree, which she completed in the mid-90s. She received her medical license on September 14, 2015, and has since worked for several reputable hospitals in Maryland. Although her specialty is unknown, Sharon could have worked in various nursing roles, including acute care nurse, burns unit nurse, community nurse, critical care nurse, dermatology nurse, family nurse, oncology nurse, or nurse anesthetist.

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Inside Sharon Mobley Acosta And Jim Acosta’s Relationship

Sharon Mobley Acosta and Jim Acosta met at college, where they both studied mass communication. They dated for several years and graduated together in 1993. The following year, they exchanged their vows at Wye of Carmichel United Methodist Church, Queenstown, Maryland, in a private wedding held during the summer. The couple then spent their honeymoon in the Greek Islands.

Jim Acosta’s family lived in a three-bedroom house in Maryland, which the couple had bought years before their daughter, Hartley, and son, Peter, were born. They later had a third child together.

Know About Jim Acosta’s Divorce From Sharon Mobley Acosta

After 23 years of marriage, Jim Acosta filed for divorce from Sharon Mobley Acosta in 2017 at Charles County District Court, Maryland. The couple’s divorce came as a surprise to many, as there were no rumors of extramarital affairs or any other issues that could have led to the split. Jim Acosta, however, claimed that he was enjoying singlehood and did not publicly discuss the reasons for the divorce.

Who Is Jim Acosta' Wife? Know About His Personal Life

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Sharon Mobley Acosta’s Life After Divorce

Following her divorce from Jim Acosta, Sharon Mobley Acosta disappeared from the public eye. It is difficult to say what she has been up to since the divorce, but she is likely still living in Maryland and practicing as a nurse. Given that the couple had three children, Sharon is probably focusing on co-parenting her kids. There is no indication that she is currently dating anyone.

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