Meet Jim Cornette’s Wife: He is Married To Wrestler Synn

James Mark “Jim” Cornette, who was born on September 17, 1961, is an American author and podcaster. He has worked in the professional wrestling industry as an agent, booker, color commentator, manager, promoter, trainer, and sometimes as a professional wrestler. Because of how good he is on the mic, he is widely considered to be one of the best managers in the history of wrestling.

When you look at his personal life, you can see that it is very controversial. He has had two marriages. First, in 1987, he got married to Janice Kelly Crowl. But there is not much information known about their relationship. But according to reports, they broke up in 2002. After a few years, he married Synn, who is now his wife. We’ll talk about Jim and Synn’s relationship and the controversy surrounding them in this article.

Who Is Jim Cornette’s wife, Synn?

Stacey Goff Cornette is an American professional wrestler who used the name Synn in the ring.
She was born in the U.S. city of San Francisco. Her first show was in 1998. Goff had worked as a manager for Cornette’s OVW under the name “Synn” before. As Synn, Goff was the OVW manager of Batista, who would become WWE Champion.


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Inside Jim And Synn’s Relationship

Cornette and Stacey Goff, who he had been dating for a long time, got married on October 31, 2007. They don’t have any kids yet. In 2020 the couple Was alleged in a scandal. The #SpeakingOut movement was about Jim Cornette and his wife, Stacey. It was said that they found young OVW talent and put them in a strange “cult” where they had to do s**ual work and follow other rules. Quite a few of Jim Cornette’s victims and wrestling stars have said that he and his wife, Stacey, were se*ually controlling and overbearing. Jim Cornette has denied forcing OVW talent to have s*xual relations with his wife in order to protect their careers, but he has said that he has an interesting s*x life. There is currently a happy married life between the two of them.

Meet Jim Cornette's Wife: He is Married To Wrestler Synn

Details About Jim Cornette’s Career

Cornette was born in Louisville, Kentucky. He’s said to have put a 10-foot antenna on top of his house when he was young so he could watch as much local wrestling as possible. At age 14, he started working as a photographer, ring announcer, timekeeper, magazine correspondent, and public relations correspondent at wrestling matches. During this time, Cornette got to know promoter Christine Jarrett by going to matches at the Louisville Gardens. Christine Jarrett was also the mother of Jerry Jarrett, who ran the CWA (commonly known as the “Memphis” territory). He was so dedicated that he used a stopwatch to time TV shows and gave her typed formats for every show.

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Cornette is an atheist and has a lot of negative things to say about religion. Cornette has been charged with a number of assaults, most of which happened when fans attacked him when he was a manager in the 1980s. His record has made it hard for him to work in Canada, and in November 2010, he was turned away at the Canadian border.

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