Know About John Rose’s Wife, Chelsea Doss, And Children

John Williams Rose is a politician and businessman from the United States. Since 2019, he has been the U.S. representative for Tennessee’s 6th congressional district. He was a Republican and worked as Tennessee’s agriculture commissioner and as the president of Boson Software, LLC. 
In Tennessee in 2002, Rose was in charge of agriculture. He owns a family farm in the country near Cookeville, west of Temperance Hall. John Rose is married to Chelsea Doss Rose. The age difference between the couple has gotten a lot of attention on Twitter and other social media sites. In this article, we’ll discuss Rose’s personal life, his wife, and his children.

Chelsea Brooke Doss Is 24 Years junior To Her Husband

Chelsea Brooke Doss was born in the Tennessee city of Murfreesboro. She graduated from Eagleville High School in 2007 and played basketball and softball there. She was also the student body vice president and the head of the FFA. When she got engaged, her future husband was the chairman of the Tennessee FFA Foundation.

Know About John Rose's Wife, Chelsea Doss And Children

The engagement announcement said that Doss won the Rose Scholarship when she was a junior at Tennessee Tech University and 20 years old. She went to college to learn about agribusiness management and agricultural communications. John Rose gives the scholarship, which is named after his parents.

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According to her LinkedIn page, Chelsea Rose graduated from Tennessee Tech in 2012. She then went to school at the University of Tennessee and got her master’s degree in agricultural communication in 2014. While she was in graduate school, she also worked as a government affairs specialist at the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association.

John Rose Is Happily Married To Chelsea

Chelsea and John Rose got married on January 8, 2011, according to her Facebook page. The Eagleville Times printed an announcement of their engagement and said that they would get married at the First Baptist Church in Cookeville. It wasn’t clear at first when their relationship started or how long they had been dating. She was still in college at Tennessee Tech at that time. Her husband also got a degree from Tennessee Tech, in 1988.

Know About John Rose's Wife, Chelsea Doss And Children

Meet John And Chelsea’s Children

Doss and Rose are still married after more than ten years. They have two sons and seem to be the heads of a healthy and happy family. In 2017, the couple’s first son, Guy, was born. In April 2017, Chelsea posted on Facebook: “John and I are thankful for the baby boy who will be born in early October on this Lord’s Day. We’re thankful for all the support from friends and family over the past six years and more. We’d like you to pray for Guy Williams Rose as he grows up. It’s a thrilling time!”

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In November 2019, when Chelsea’s water broke early, they lost a child. Even though Chelsea gave birth to Mack, he was too small to live on his own. Rose said, “We are devastated by the sudden death of our expected baby boy. “When we found out we were going to have another child, God filled our hearts with joy and hope. We might not be able to walk with him in this life, but we hope to see him in Heaven.

Sam, their youngest child, was born in March 2021. Rose wrote in a March 2022 post, “He’s one year old today.” “He walks and explores, and he’s always curious about what his older brother is doing. We love you, buddy!”

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