Meet Joie Chavis Boyfriend: Confirms She Is Dating Trevon Diggs

Joie Chavis is an Instagram model, influencer, businesswoman, health and fitness expert, and mother of two. The social media star amassed a million fans on her Instagram. You may find her under the handle @joiechavis. Throughout her life, Joie Chavis has dated a number of well-known men as Diddy, Future, and more in the past. The stunning 34-year-old has two children, an 11-year-old daughter with Bow Wow and a 3-year-old son with Future.

Two months back she initiated relationship rumors with Trevon Diggs, who is a football cornerback. Months after Trevon Diggs’s ex lambasted Chavis for supposedly being intimate with him, Joie Chavis continues to fuel allegations that she is in a relationship with the NFL cornerback. Recently, she confirmed her relationship with Diggs by sharing a post of two of them on her Instagram. This made both of their fans crazy to know much more about them. Continue reading this post to know everything in detail.

Joie Chavis Confirms Relationship With Trevon Diggs On Instagram

Joie Chavis finally confirmed her relationship with Trevon Diggs in from of many people on the field where Diggs was playing his game. She posted a photo and a video to her Instagram. In one shot, Joie and Diggs share a tender kiss on the lips, while in another, Joie can be seen wearing a jacket with Diggs’ name. She captioned the post, “🫶🏽”

Many of his friends and fans showered their love and made positive comments about the photo of the new couple.

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Previously, she fueled the speculation after being spotted at the 24-year-old athlete’s game against the Detroit Lions in the month of October. She went as far as posting a photo of a mug that featured a picture of Trevon on her social media. According to reports, she and Trevon had unfollowed each other on Twitter a few months before the posting of this tweet.

Earlier, Yasmine Lopez Slammed Joie For Dating Trevon Diggs

In an Instagram comment, popular model Yasmine Lopez apparently claimed that Joie was acting “strange” by being friendly with a friend while also knowing that she was privately romancing Diggs.

Yasmine’s text to Joie read, “You odd [as f—] lol.” “[F—] with my baby daddy but behind my friends’ pictures. WEIRDO.

Meet Joie Chavis Boyfriend: Confirms She Is Dating Trevon Diggs

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After dating Trevon for a few months before she became pregnant in August 2021, Yasmine gave birth to a son with Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs. The Charlotte, North Carolina, model previously made headlines when she claimed to have dated Carmelo Anthony after his divorce from LaLa Anthony.

In her last Instagram post, Joie seemed to suggest that the widespread speculation about her and Trevon’s relationship didn’t affect her.

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