Meet Jordan Mailata’s Wife: He Tied The Knot With Niki Ikahihifo-Bender

Jordan Mailata, an Australian professional American football offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles, has risen to prominence in the NFL. Known for his impressive size and athleticism, Mailata’s journey to the NFL is a testament to his determination and talent. As a former rugby league player, he joined the NFL through the league’s International Player Pathway Program. Since then, Mailata has become a key player for the Philadelphia Eagles, showcasing his skills on the field. With his strong work ethic and passion for the game, Jordan Mailata continues to make a significant impact in the world of American football.

Jordan recently tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend, Niki Ikahihifo-Bender. In this article, we delve into the life of Jordan Mailata’s wife, Niki Ikahihifo-Bender, exploring her educational achievements, her close bond with her sister Jade, and the couple’s beautiful relationship displayed on social media.

Details About Jordan Mailata And Niki Ikahihifo-Bender’s Wedding

The wedding of Jordan Mailata and Niki Ikahihifo-Bender was a joyous celebration of love and commitment. Taking place on July 1, 2023, the couple sealed their bond in a heartfelt ceremony surrounded by family and friends. The reception was filled with moments of joy and happiness as Mailata, known for his talents on the football field, surprised everyone with a heartfelt performance during the father-daughter dance.

Meet Jordan Mailata's Wife: He Tied The Knot With Niki Ikahihifo-Bender

The couple’s love story, which began at the Reading Terminal Market, came full circle as they exchanged vows and embarked on a new chapter of their lives together. The wedding was a testament to their enduring love and the support they have for one another.

How Did Jordan And Niki Meet?

In 2018, Jordan Mailata and Niki Ikahihifo-Bender’s paths crossed at the Reading Terminal Market, setting the stage for a remarkable love story. Little did they know that this chance encounter would lay the foundation for their future together. Fast forward four years, and the couple returned to the very place where their journey began, as Jordan proposed to Niki, creating a beautiful connection between their past and their future.

Jordan Mailata and his girlfriend Niki Ikahihifo got engaged on May 21, 2022, after being together for four years. Jordan shared a photo of his proposal, showcasing him on one knee with a ring, and expressed his love and excitement. Niki also shared the same photo with a heartfelt caption, capturing the joyous moment of their engagement.

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Meet Niki Ikahihifo-Bender

Niki Ikahihifo-Bender is not only a supportive partner to Jordan Mailata but also a highly accomplished individual in her own right. After completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from New York University, she pursued a Master’s degree in Psychology at Duke University Graduate School and studied Law at Duke University School of Law. Her professional journey has seen her intern at prestigious firms such as Lane Powell PC and BP, and she currently serves as an Intellectual Property Associate at Ballard Spahr LLP in Philadelphia.

Meet Jordan Mailata's Wife: He Tied The Knot With Niki Ikahihifo-Bender

Niki’s strong family orientation is evident through her close relationship with her younger sister, Jade Ikahihifo-Bender. Jade, who graduated high school as the valedictorian with two years of college credit, has become an integral part of Jordan and Niki’s lives. Jade’s supportive posts on social media indicate a healthy bond between her and her sister’s fiancé, Jordan Mailata. Their shared interests and experiences, including attending football events together, have further strengthened their connection.

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Niki And Jordan’s Love Shown On Social Media:

Niki and Jordan are not shy about expressing their love for each other on social media platforms. In 2018, Niki shared a black-and-white photograph that playfully showcased the significant height difference between herself and the athlete, highlighting their unbreakable connection despite physical disparities. The couple’s travels to destinations such as Cambodia, Singapore, and Australia have been documented through photographs, capturing their shared adventures and creating lasting memories.

Just like many other NFL stars who have built strong families, Jordan Mailata and Niki Ikahihifo-Bender support each other in their respective careers. Jordan’s tribute to Niki on her birthday showcased his admiration and gratitude for having her as the most loving, supportive, and inspiring woman in his life. This level of support is vital for athletes who often face rigorous training schedules and demanding seasons.

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