Who Is Josh Groban Dating In 2023?

Josh Groban, the 42-year-old musical sensation, has not only left an indelible mark with his exceptional musical talent but has also been a subject of great interest due to his romantic involvements. As of September 2023, the renowned singer and songwriter is in a relationship with English actress Natalie McQueen. Their romance began in the summer of 2022 and was officially acknowledged by the couple on their Instagram accounts in February 2023.

Josh Groban, celebrated not only for his melodious voice but also his global appeal, has a fanbase that extends beyond borders. Alongside his music, there’s a constant curiosity about his current relationship status and a desire to explore his past romantic connections. Let’s know more about it in this article.

Who Is Josh Groban: Is He Currently Dating Anyone?

Joshua Winslow Groban is a renowned American singer, songwriter, and actor. His initial four solo albums achieved multi-platinum certification, and in 2007, he attained the distinction of being the top-selling artist in the United States, with a staggering record of over 22.3 million albums sold.

By 2022, his global album sales had surpassed the 25 million mark. Moving into his personal life, as Josh Groban has previously been romantically linked to celebrities such as January Jones, Katy Perry, and Kat Dennings, he is currently enjoying a joyful relationship with Natalie McQueen.

Who Is Josh Groban Dating in 2023?

Delving into recent times, we discover that Josh Groban is deeply in love with Natalie McQueen. Their romantic journey began in 2022, and by February 2023, they proudly confirmed their relationship on Instagram. Natalie is a rising star in her own right, with notable roles in West End productions such as Les Misérables and an upcoming appearance in the film “The Flash.” Keep reading for more.

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The Romantic Journey Of Josh Groban: A Look At His Dating History

Josh Groban’s romantic history has been quite eventful over the years. He’s been linked to several leading ladies since he rose to fame in the late ’90s, and he’s known for his romantic gestures in relationships. In the past, he’s dated celebrities like January Jones, Katy Perry, Kat Dennings, and Schuyler Helford. His first public relationship was with actress January Jones, which lasted from 2003 to 2006. Despite their high-profile outings, the couple eventually decided to take a break but remained friends.

After Groban’s split from Jones, Josh Groban entered the dating scene again, acknowledging the challenges of dating while being a famous musician on the road. He emphasized the need to meet the right people and passed the “test” with the approval of his friends. One of his notable relationships was with Katy Perry in 2009, which they described as a close friendship that sometimes crossed into dating territory. Perry even wrote her hit song “The One That Got Away” about Groban.

Josh Groban also briefly dated actress Selma Blair in 2010 and was rumored to be involved with Gossip Girl star Michelle Trachtenberg in 2011, although they never confirmed their relationship. In 2014, Groban began a relationship with actress Kat Dennings, and the couple made several red carpet appearances together during their two-year romance. They bonded over their shared love for humor and geek culture.

Who Is Josh Groban Dating in 2023?

After Kate and Groban’s split in 2016, Josh Groban’s next public relationship was with actress Schuyler Helford. Although they maintained a relatively low-key relationship, they occasionally shared sweet tributes to each other on social media. However, their relationship eventually came to an end. In the summer of 2022, Josh Groban started dating English actress Natalie McQueen, and their relationship became Instagram official on Valentine’s Day in 2023. They have since made public appearances together, including attending the Met Gala and the Tony Awards, where Groban was nominated for his performance in a musical.

Broadway’s Overall Box Office Shows Slight Rise As ‘Sweeney Todd’ Struggles In Josh Groban’s Absence

During Josh Groban’s planned absence, “Sweeney Todd” had its weakest week, earning $855,701, down 46% from the prior week. Despite this, theater capacity increased to 98%, with one performance canceled due to technical issues. Overall, Broadway’s box office grew by 1%, totaling $21,640,927 for the week ending September 17, with a 2% capacity rise to 91%. “The Lion King” topped the earnings chart at $1,834,382, followed by “Hamilton” and “Wicked” at $1,708,507 and $1,526,289, respectively.

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Five other shows crossed the $1 million mark, including “Aladdin,” “Back to the Future,” “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” “MJ,” and “Moulin Rouge!”Sixteen productions played to over 90% capacity, but “Purlie Victorious” fell short at 68%, though it saw a 46% box office increase to $331,700. “Melissa Etheridge: My Window” began previews, earning $184,162 through four previews. New York City’s Broadway Week, offering 2-for-1 tickets, ran from September 4 to 17, 2023. Additionally, “Melissa Etheridge: My Window,” “Jaja’s African Hair Braiding,” and “Gutenberg! The Musical!” began previews, while “Purlie Victorious” continued its preview performances.

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