Who Is Teen Mom Mackenzie’s Ex-Husband Josh McKee’s New Girlfriend?

Josh, the ex-husband of Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee, recently shared the first photos of him with his new girlfriend.

Mackenzie and Josh McKee’s announcement of their divorce was not unexpected.

After all, Mack and Josh’s relationship ebbed and flowed over the course of their years together, and even in the “good” times, viewers got the impression that the couple was barely holding on.

Meanwhile, it appears like Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee’s ex-husband Josh McKee has put their history together behind him. Two months after he and Mackenzie announced their breakup, Josh made public his relationship with his new girlfriend.

Josh McKee Reveals His New Girlfriend Haile

Fans have stated that Josh‘s new girlfriend Haile looks just like Mackenzie ever since the reality star released images of them together earlier last week.

A steamy photo posted by 29-year-old Josh on Instagram suggests that the two of them have become more intimate.  On Saturday, Josh shared a photo of his girlfriend Haile straddling him in a club.


Josh encircled the blonde beauty, who wore tight blue jeans and a black leather jacket, in his arms. She held one of her arms up and grinned at him while the other was around his neck. Hiding behind her jacket and his baseball cap, the ex-Teen Mom OG star pushed his lips to her breasts. He merely mentioned his girlfriend in the post’s caption.

Halie also shared a couple of images of herself and Josh (her 29-year-old boyfriend) on Instagram. The pictures showed the 29-year-old guy in the ball cap and hoodie cuddling up to his dressed-up partner for a fun evening on the town.

Earlier this week, Josh revealed his new girlfriend after she shared a snap of them together during a night out

Halie wrote “Happy, finally” in the post’s caption and added a “red heart” emoji. The new couple’s photo was shared numerous times on an Instagram page dedicated to Teen Moms.

According to a recent article published in the UK magazine The Sun, the photo was instantly shared throughout social media after being discovered by a Teen Mom fan page.

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Fans Claim Josh McKee’s New Girlfriend Looks Just Like Mackenzie

Fans commented on Josh’s new relationship with Haile in the comments section after he shared photos of the two of them online, with many noting the similarities between Haile and Josh’s ex-Mackenzie.

“He has a type,” one fan commented, while another agreed, writing, “Josh definitely has a type, lol.” A third fan said, “She [looks] like Mackenzie smh.”

So yes, Teen Mom viewers are obsessed with the similarities between Josh’s current girlfriend, Hailie, and Mackenzie.

Mackenzie must not only deal with the reality that her boyfriend has moved on with someone else but also with the bizarre phenomenon of the internet’s obsession with the looks of Josh’s new girlfriend.

Some people are sure that Mackenzie and Hailie are twins, while many others are surprised to learn that Josh has already moved on.

One of them said, “Color me surprised he’s already moved on.”

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Mackenzie McKee Blasts Ex Josh For Sharing NSFW Photos With New Girlfriend

MacKenzie has recently revealed her thoughts on ex boyfriend Josh and his new partner. The reality star posted a lengthy yet honest explanation on her TikTok profile on Wednesday night.

“So this is a video that a lot of you did not expect from me to make but I am turning down about five interviews with the tabloids a day right now.

“So as many of you know, my husband who I am separated from is in a serious relationship and they have decided to put it out there,” she explained.

“Everyone is asking me questions, and I’m here to answer them honestly and openly. If you don’t know my story, I got married when I was 18, and my husband and I have been married for almost 10 years and have three children together.”

Mackenzie continued: “People seem to ask two main questions: Is it hard to see him move on? “And the answer is “no, not at all.” For a long time, I was very unhappy, miserable, and full of anger, resentment, and bitterness because I stood up for him so I wouldn’t look silly for being with him.

“The first thing I did when we broke up was work on myself. I’m going to spend a lot more time doing this. I told myself I wouldn’t date for a year, “she admitted.

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