Who Is Kate del Castillo’s Boyfriend? Relationship Info

Kate del Castillo Negrete Trillo, a renowned Mexican-American actress, has captivated audiences around the world with her remarkable performances. From her early days as a lead actress in the telenovela Muchachitas to her Hollywood debut in Under the Same Moon, del Castillo’s talent and versatility have shone through.

Kate has portrayed memorable characters in both television and film, including her acclaimed role as Teresa Mendoza in the series La Reina del Sur. While her professional achievements have garnered much attention, her personal life has also become a topic of interest. In this article, we’ll talk about her romantic life in detail.

Kate Del Castillo Is Currently Dating Edgar Bahena

Known for her discretion regarding her private life, Kate del Castillo surprised the media by openly acknowledging her new romance with Edgar Bahena, the Director of Photography. After facing persistent rumors, the actress finally confirmed her happiness in this current relationship. With a smile, she jokingly expressed that she couldn’t deny the truth when caught by the press.

Who Is Kate del Castillo's Boyfriend? Relationship Info

During the production of the popular series La Reina del Sur, Kate del Castillo crossed paths with Edgar Bahena, a cinematographer working on the show. Although Bahena may not be as well-known as the actress herself, their connection blossomed during the filming of the fourth season. According to Kate’s friend, the couple often spends time together, unafraid of being seen in public.

Kate del Castillo expressed her joy and excitement about her relationship with Edgar Bahena. She shared her ardent desire for a new love story and emphasized her openness to love. The actress revealed that she believes things happen in life as they should, and she is embracing this new chapter wholeheartedly.

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Kate’s Pride In Edgar: A Talented And Intelligent Photographer

Del Castillo proudly spoke of Edgar Bahena‘s talents and attributes. She described him as an intelligent and exceptionally gifted individual with knowledge in various domains, such as music, art, and fine wines. She expressed her admiration for his multifaceted nature and predicted a bright future for him as a photographer.

Who Is Kate del Castillo's Boyfriend? Relationship Info

Contrary to speculations of a sudden romance, Kate clarified that their relationship had been brewing for some time. She described Edgar as someone who brings her peace and tranquility, making her feel comfortable in his company. Their connection goes beyond mere attraction, indicating a deeper bond based on shared values and interests.

As of now, Kate del Castillo and Edgar Bahena have not made any public appearances together or shared photos of their relationship on social media. While they enjoy spending time together, they have chosen to keep their love away from the public eye. However, it is anticipated that they may eventually showcase their affection for each other on their respective social platforms.

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Know About Kate Del Castillo’s Past Marriages

Kate del Castillo has been married twice in the past. Her first marriage was to Mexican soccer player Luis García Postigo in 2001. Initially, their relationship seemed like a fairytale match, but it quickly turned sour. Kate revealed that the marriage became emotionally and physically abusive. She felt trapped and endured violence, including being hit, kicked, and strangled. After three years of enduring this, Kate finally left her husband while he was on a business trip to Japan. Luis went on to remarry Rocío Lara, with whom he has three children.

Who Is Kate del Castillo's Boyfriend? Relationship Info

Kate’s second marriage took place in 2009 to Mexican actor Aaron Díaz, known for his role in Quantico. Despite their ten-year age gap, they enjoyed their time together, describing it as “fun.” However, Kate admits that she was still on the rebound from her first marriage and wasn’t truly in love. The relationship ended after three years, with Kate expressing that she had never wanted to get married in the first place.

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