Kelly LeBrock Divorce With Steven Seagal – Complete Info!

After over ten years of marriage and having three children together, they notoriously underwent a difficult divorce in 1996.

In a recent interview with Page Six, Kelly LeBrock did not hold back when discussing her ex-husband Steven Seagal.

The 61-year-old Weird Science actress expressed her sympathy for the 69-year-old action hero, whose sexual misconduct charges and outspoken defence of Russian President Vladimir Putin have made him a divisive figure.

“I believe he’s just a very sad person,” Kelly concluded, “and he is what I would call a tragedy of Hollywood.”

Kelly LeBrock Divorce With  Steven Seagal - Complete Info!

She thinks that Seagal’s actions as an adult may have been affected by the alleged abuse he received as a child from others.

I think he was severely bullied as a kid because he was tiny and frail, and I suppose those who are treated badly as kids grow up feeling lost.

I wish him the best,” LeBrock said in closing.

The supermodel opened up about her’very unpleasant’ divorce with Steven in an exclusive interview with back in 2013.

The 1987 union of Kelly and Steven produced three children: Dominic, 31, Annaliza, 34, and Arissa, 28.

She was introduced to Steven by her publicist Dick Gutman while she was visiting Japan in 1987, where they first met.

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Kelly was filming a 24-page profile for American Vogue while Seagal was there to see his ex-wife Miyako Fujitani and their two kids.

Kelly, who subsequently agreed to a date with Steven, said, “I had spoken to Steven a lot of times on the phone but I was going to brush him off.”

When he arrived at my room, I opened the door to see him standing there. He was six feet four inches tall, attractive, and skinny. He also spoke fluent Japanese and could perform acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, sing, and play the guitar.

He appeared to be capable of anything. He was a true Renaissance man, and I was drawn to him right away.

Despite having idyllic beginnings, Kelly and Steven’s marriage would ultimately take a perilous, unforeseen turn.

Kelly told that in 1988, Seagal subjected her to a relationship-altering incident.

Kelly LeBrock Divorce With  Steven Seagal - Complete Info!

In a biography she was writing at the time, she described the alleged encounter, which she said was both “very traumatic” and a relief because “the truth would finally come out.”

LeBrock claimed that Kelly wanted to hide from the world because of the turbulent, highly publicised nature of her and Steven’s divorce in 1996.

I admit that I turned into a recluse. She stated that her divorce from Steven was quite contentious and that facts of the case were featured on the evening news.

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I simply took rid of the TV since I didn’t want my kids to watch it. I relocated my children from Los Angeles so they might grow up around genuine people—the children of plumbers, gas station employees, and other real family members.

“I had no self-worth whatsoever.” I despised myself. I made the decision to leave my old life in Beverly Hills behind and start a new one in Santa Barbara.

She emphasised that she “fear[ed] anything” and “didn’t want to leave the house” as a result of the entire incident.

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