Know About U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Wife

Kevin Owen McCarthy is an American politician who was born on January 26, 1965. Since January 7, 2023, he has been the 55th speaker of the United States House of Representatives. He was a member of the Republican Party and served as House Majority Leader from 2014 to 2019 and as House Minority Leader from 2019 to 2023. McCarthy is in his ninth term in the House of Representatives. From 2007 to 2013, he represented the 22nd congressional district in California. From 2013 to 2023, he represented the 23rd district, and since 2023, he has represented the 20th district.

McCarthy was accused of having an affair with Representative Renee Ellmers in October 2015. He dropped out of the race for Speaker of the House without warning, just before the allegations came out. A few days earlier, Representative Walter B. Jones Jr. sent Republican Conference chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers a letter saying that any leadership candidates with “misdeeds” should drop out of the race.   McCarthy and Ellmers have both said that the claim is not true.

However, he already has a wife. Since 1992, he’s been happily married to Judy McCarthy. They have two children together and seem to have each other’s backs. Read on to discover further information.

Who Is Kevin McCarthy’s Wife?

Judy McCarthy was born and raised in the California town of Bakersfield. says that she is a woman who “always keeps her focus on her convictions of faith, family, and friends.” Sally Thornberry, a close friend of Judy’s, said, “Judy is the epitome of a ‘there you are’ person. She is always looking for ways to help the people around her and treats everyone with respect.”

Know About U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's Wife

Judy was a trustee at Ford’s Theater in 2014, which is where President Abraham Lincoln was killed. During that time, she has also worked full-time for the California Republican Party and held fundraisers that brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Kevin And Judy Are High School Sweethearts

Kevin and Judy met when they were in high school, and they fell in love right away. She made a joke: “I liked one of his friends, but Kevin’s personality wins you over, and he doesn’t give up.” They got married in 1992 and still live in the first house they bought together.

Know About U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's Wife

During the 2015 race for Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy stood in the middle of a close-knit family circle with his wife Judy, and their children Connor and Meghan. Kevin’s voice was sometimes weak, so he took himself out of the running for Speaker. His family’s public display of strength and support showed how strong and supportive their own small group was.

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Kevin And Judy Have Two Children

Kevin and Judy have two children together. Meghan is their daughter, and Connor is their son. According to The Sun, Connor went to school at Georgetown University and got married to Emily Norris in 2020. Kevin posted a professional video of his son’s wedding on Instagram as a way to remember the event.

Know About U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's Wife

The caption said, “My son married the love of his life in December. Their wedding was small, but our love for them could not be bigger.” I’m a very proud dad! “Stopped making comments on this one… It has nothing to do with politics!”

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