Kiana Valenciano Boyfriend: Gary’s Daughter Set To Tie The Knot

Kristiana Maria Mikaela Pangilinan Valenciano is a Filipino R&B singer and songwriter. She is also known as Kiana Valenciano. Valenciano is the daughter of famous Filipino musician Gary Valenciano. She began her music journey in 2017 by releasing her own songs like “Circles” and “Does She Know”.

In 2017, Valenciano, who was working on her own, put out her first song called “Circles.” After that, she came out with another popular song called “Does She Know” and in March 2019, she launched her first album named “See Me.” By December, she put out a song on her own called “Hide My Love.”

Now moving into her personal life, Kiana, Gary Valenciano’s daughter, is now engaged to Sandro, marking a special moment in their love story. People are curious about her love life, so we’re sharing all we know on this article. Just keep reading to find out more about this exciting news.

Kiana’s Engagement With Her Boyfriend Revealed By Gary Valenciano

Kiana, the daughter of Angeli Pangilinan and Gary Valenciano, was once together with singer-actor Sam Concepcion. They confirmed their breakup in September 2018. Apart from Kiana, Gary Valenciano has two other children named Paolo and Gabriel.

Kiana Valenciano Boyfriend: Gary's Daughter Set To Tie The Knot

Gary Valenciano, also known as Pure Energy, happily announced on Instagram that his daughter Kiana is engaged to her boyfriend Sandro, on 8 August 2023. The Valenciano family has warmly embraced Sandro as part of their own. Gary is thankful for Sandro and happy to have him join their family. Kiana’s relationship with Sandro is a significant part of her life story.

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He shared a photo of them together, showing a shiny ring on her finger. Gary expressed his love and happiness for his daughter and mentioned that he has a lot to talk about with her before the wedding day comes.

“My heart tugs but not with sadness my dearest princess… but with the joy of the Lord for how …He has orchestrated your life … and how He will continue to do so,” he added. The father also thanked her boyfriend Sandro and welcomed him to the family: “I’m thankful for the young man the Lord allowed to find you.

After hearing the happy news, many famous stars and fans sent their congratulations to the couple who will soon get married. There’s not a lot of information available about her boyfriend. We only know a little about him. When more details come in the future, we’ll make sure to keep you updated. In the rest of this article, we’ll find more about Kiana Valenciano.

Kiana Valenciano Opens Up About Beauty Worries

Kiana Valenciano, a singer and songwriter is from the Philippines. Lately, she’s been in the spotlight because she got engaged to her longtime partner, Sandro. She has gone beyond solo music, teaming up with artists from the Philippines and around the world. She’s flexible in trying various music styles. She’s performed on big stages like NYC and LA.

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Currently in March 2023, Kiana shared about having vitiligo skin condition. Behind her stunning looks, R&B-Pop singer Kiana conceals an insecurity. She shared more about herself, “I actually have growing vitiligo around my lips that I cover with makeup. I don’t like it, and it’s frustrating because there’s a lot of skin discoloration.”

Vitiligo is a condition where skin loses color due to an immune system reaction. Kiana, who enjoys the outdoors, attributes her “tiny flaws” to sun exposure without proper protection when she was younger. She talked about how she handles her skin condition.

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