Details About Kimberley Strassel Plastic Surgery Rumors And Husband

Kimberley Ann Strassel is an American conservative columnist and author. She holds a position on the Wall Street Journal editorial board, where she contributes a weekly column known as “Potomac Watch,” typically published on Fridays.

In 2014, Strassel received the prestigious Bradley Prize, a $250,000 award from the conservative Bradley Foundation. Additionally, in February 2016, she participated as one of the panelists in a Republican presidential primary debate that took place in South Carolina.

Some of Kimberley Strassel’s followers have speculated that she may have undergone plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. These speculations arise from observations that she appeared to be aging, but then her aging process seemingly halted, suggesting the use of treatments like Botox and facial fillers. Additionally, there are unverified rumors about potential dental work.

Now, let’s delve into the rumors and speculations surrounding Kimberley Strassel’s alleged plastic surgery, and whether she has addressed these matters within this article.

Kimberley Strassel Plastic Surgery Speculations

It has been claimed that Kimberley Strassel underwent a purported plastic surgery transformation. Allegations suggest that she may have received Botox and facial fillers to address signs of aging, along with potential dental procedures to enhance her teeth.

Details About Kimberley Strassel Plastic Surgery Rumors And Husband

While it’s important to clarify that these cosmetic enhancements are generally considered non-surgical procedures, they have evidently brought about noticeable changes in her facial appearance, if indeed she underwent them. Previously, she had visible wrinkles, which have seemingly vanished, suggesting the possible use of Botox.

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Furthermore, her face showed signs of sagging, and her cheeks appeared sunken, which now seemed plumper, potentially due to the use of fillers.

In any case, Kimberley Strassel has never acknowledged having cranial palsy, and she hasn’t confirmed any plastic surgery procedures either. There have been unverified speculations about potential dental work, particularly related to her teeth.

In the past, her teeth didn’t appear perfectly aligned, and there seemed to be an overbite. However, she currently displays a straighter set of teeth. It remains a possibility that she might have undergone dental procedures, but nothing can be definitively stated unless she chooses to address these speculations.

Who Is Kimberley Strassel’s Husband?

Kimberley Strassel was previously married to journalist Matthew Rose. They exchanged their vows on July 15, 2000, in Buxton, Oregon and had three children together, consisting of a son and two daughters. However, by 2014, their marriage had come to an end, culminating in a divorce.

Details About Kimberley Strassel Plastic Surgery Rumors And Husband

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In 2017, Strassel found love once again and remarried. Her current husband originates from Alaska, and the couple has currently living there. Strassel has maintained a high level of privacy regarding her present marriage, making it unclear who her current husband is.

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