Know About Kayla Itsines’ Husband As She Recently Gave Birth to Her Son

Kayla Itsines is a personal trainer, author, and business owner from Australia who is of Greek descent. She made a series of fitness ebooks called Bikini Body Guides and an app called Sweat with Kayla that helps you plan your meals and workouts. In 2016, Sweat with Kayla was the fitness app that made the most money.

Kayla Itsines, who is known as the queen of fitness, just had her second child, a healthy boy named Jax. Kayla, who is 31 years old, posted the heartwarming news on Instagram on Sunday night. “There are no words to describe how I feel. “Right now, we are SO HAPPY,” she wrote in the caption.

Know About Kayla Itsines' Husband As She Recently Gave Birth to Her Son

Itsines went on to talk about the birth, which was a planned c-section, in more detail. “The most amazing thing was that as he was coming out, his partner Jae’s dad’s funeral song started playing out of nowhere on a completely random playlist the hospital was playing,” she said. She then wrote, “Jax Stokes Woodroffe,” which was her son’s name, Safe and calm.”

Kayla Is Engaged to her boyfriend Jae Wofroffe. In this article, we’ll talk about her fiance and their relationship.

Meet Kayla Itsines’ Fiance, Jae Woodroffe

Like Itsines, Woodroffe is from Adelaide and seems to have spent most of his life in the city of churches. A quick look at the 29-year-old’s Instagram profile shows that he loves bikes, cars, and planes. The Advertiser says that he works at SA Living Solutions, a non-profit group that helps people in need find places to live.

Know About Kayla Itsines' Husband As She Recently Gave Birth to Her Son

Before he met Itsines, Woodroffe wasn’t very active on social media, and he kept his Instagram account private. But when the couple’s high-profile relationship became public, he went public and quickly gained over 27,000 followers. Now, Woodroffe regularly posts cute pictures of himself, Itsines, and Itsines’s 2-year-old daughter enjoying life in Adelaide.

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Itsines And Woodroffe’s Relationship Started As Friends

Reports say that Itsines and Woodroffe first knew each other as friends. When they said they were dating in January, the business owner wrote, “Everyone, meet Jae!” and added a love heart emoji. “You have been my best friend for years, partner.”

Know About Kayla Itsines' Husband As She Recently Gave Birth to Her Son

The Advertiser says that they lived next door to each other when Woodroffe was still living with his ex-girlfriend Lauren Belotti, who is also friends with Itsines. Months after Woodroffe and Belotti broke up, it seems like the SWEAT founder and Woodroffe hit it off. The Daily Mail saw them together for the first time in September 2021, but they didn’t announce their relationship until January 2022.

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Itsines And Woodroffe Were Engaged In July 2022

Kayla and Jae announced that they were getting engaged on Instagram on July 19. The businesswoman wrote in the photo’s caption, “YES,” as she posed with Jae and showed off her beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Know About Kayla Itsines' Husband As She Recently Gave Birth to Her Son

Jae also went on Instagram and posted a cute photo of the engaged couple. In the caption, he wrote, “When you know, you know.” It’s not clear what Jae does for a living, but we know from his Instagram that, like his fiancee, he enjoys being outside.

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