Know About Mark Few’s Wife And Their Relationship!

Mark Norman Few is a collegiate basketball coach from the United States. Since 1999, he has been the head coach at Gonzaga University. He has been on Gonzaga’s coaching staff since 1989. During that time, the Bulldogs have gone from being an unknown mid-major team to becoming a regular challenger for the NCAA tournament. In his 24 years as head coach, his teams have won at least a share of 22 WCC regular season crowns, and 19 WCC tournament titles, and have played in the National Championship game twice. (2017 and 2021).

As Gonzaga University’s men’s basketball team continues to dominate the NCAA tournament, all eyes are on their head coach, Mark Few. But who is the woman behind the successful coach? Marcy Laca-Few, Few’s wife of almost three decades, has been a constant support throughout the coach’s journey.

Who Is Mark Few’s Wife?

According to Heavy, Marcy and Mark first met at Gonzaga in 1990. Marcy was working at the front desk of the school’s athletic facility, while Mark was a full-time assistant coach. The two started dating and were married four years later, with Mark’s father officiating the ceremony.

When the family isn’t playing basketball together, they spend a lot of time outside. The couple loves to walk and ride their bikes on the trails surrounding Spokane, Washington. They have also put on charity golf tournaments in the past. Also, Marcy is a big fan of Marcy’s favorite sport, or maybe just his second favorite.

Know About Mark Few's Wife And Their Relationship!

Mark loves fly fishing, according to ESPN, and Marcy thinks that it makes him a better father and husband. “My wife will tell you that I am a much better father and husband. Everything… You have a lot of time standing in the water, so it’s a good time to think about your team, make plans, and do other things. If it makes everyone in the family happy, it sounds like an excellent thing to do.

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Know About Marcy And Mark’s Kids

Marcy and Mark have four children together: Austin James (A.J.), Joseph Dillon, Julia Ann Elizabeth, and Colt Walker. The family often spends time together outdoors, hiking and biking on the trails around Spokane, Washington. They have also hosted charity golf events in the past.

According to ESPN, Mark is an avid fly fisherman, and Marcy supports his passion. In fact, she believes it makes him a better parent and husband. Mark also involves his children in his work as a coach, and they can often be seen handing out water and towels during Gonzaga’s basketball practices.

Know About Mark Few's Wife And Their Relationship!

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In a Bleacher Report article, Few emphasized the importance of prioritizing family. He believes that people who sacrifice their relationships with their families for work are “missing the boat.” Mark also shared that he and his children enjoy playing their favorite game, “Get to the Base,” during their breaks from work.

“People assume that if they go to work at 7 a.m. every day and leave at midnight, they should get a badge of courage. People who do that miss out on something. They are giving up time with their family to do this. He told the news source, “It doesn’t have to be that way.”

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