Who Is Kristin Chirico’s Husband? Is Her Husband Gay?

Kristin Chirico is an American who became well-known for her work on the Ladylike videos on BuzzFeed. People were drawn to the show and to Chirico because she was creative and had a bubbly personality. She quit the news organization in January 2020 to work with her longtime friend Jen Ruggirello in social media.

Chirico and Jen made a YouTube channel called “The Kitchen & Jorn Show,” which has 221K subscribers at the moment. Kristin is also doing well on other social media sites like Instagram (372K followers) and TikTok (150.1K followers).

People are just as interested in her personal life as they are in her work life. One of the most searched questions is, “Is Kristin married?” So, we’re going to talk about the same thing in this post.

Who Is Kristin Chirico’s Husband? Is He Married?

Kristin Chirico is happily married to Brian Hubble. The couple tied the knot on 19th March 2017. There is not a lot of information about Brian. On the other hand, Kristin never talked about him either. They love to keep quiet about the details of their relationship.

Who Is Kristin Chirico’s Husband? Is Her Husband Gay?

On March 19, 2020, Kristin used Instagram to wish Brian a happy third anniversary. In the caption, she talked about how much has changed since they got married. She wrote, “Happy third wedding anniversary @brianhubble — so much has changed since then! You’ve come out as nonbinary, I started working on bigger and badder projects, and more pressingly we’re now hunkered down together in an apartment for the foreseeable future! FUN! But we’re gonna be OK. I love you and I like you.”

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The fact that Brian is now non-binary might be the biggest change. The news came out at the end of June 2019. Chirico wrote on Twitter that she didn’t refer to them as they or them until Brian was comfortable with his new identity.

Who Is Kristin Chirico’s Husband? Is Her Husband Gay?

She tweeted, “I had to find a way to respect their gender while also respecting their timeline and process for coming out, so that led to me not mentioning them as much until they were comfortable being referred to as they/them in public.”

Why Kristin and Jen left BuzzFeed?

Kristin and Jen were both part of the BuzzFeed team that made Ladylike so successful. During the five years they worked at BuzzFeed, their friendship grew.

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Unfortunately, Jen and Kristin’s happy faces on the show didn’t show how frustrated they were with how much BuzzFeed’s hierarchy expected of them. In a video posted on their channel on December 4, 2020, Jen said:

Who Is Kristin Chirico’s Husband? Is Her Husband Gay?

“There were pretty high quotas, so you had to be filming a lot and coming up with new ideas, and you had to put out new content… But it seemed like the company leaders had less and less faith in us and gave us less resources. You are in a situation where a lot is expected of you, and it seems like the “end goal” keeps getting further and further away.”

Kristin and Jen finally left the company for their own mental health. Jen and Kristin talked about making a YouTube channel in a casual way, and they both decided to go for it.

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