Know About Kyle Rittenhouse’s Girlfriend And Net Worth!

Kyle Howard Rittenhouse is an American who is known for shooting three men, killing two of them, during civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020, when he was just 17 years old.

At his trial in November 2021, a jury found Rittenhouse not guilty of murder and other charges after he said that he did so in self-defense. After his trial in 2021 and memes about him crying, Rittenhouse’s reputation in the public eye was deeply controversial.

Kyle Rittenhouse defended his girlfriend after his followers and fans called her a “gold digger.” In case you didn’t know, Kyle has a girlfriend, whose name is Skyler Bergoon. In this post, we’ll talk about who is Skylar and how Kyle defended her from the recent trolls.

Know About Skyler Bergoon: Kyle Defends Her That She Is ‘Not a Gold Digger’

Skyler Bergoon is from Raleigh, North Carolina. She started posting on TikTok in January 2022. . Rittenhouse was first mentioned in a TikTok post she made on February 28, 2022, in which she said she wouldn’t stop liking Kyle Rittenhouse. We don’t know if they were dating when the video was posted. On June 25, 2022, Bergoon posted a TikTok that showed Instagram direct messages from someone who didn’t like the fact that he was dating Rittenhouse.

Know About Kyle Rittenhouse's Girlfriend And Net Worth!

Now the couple is open regarding their relationship and keeps posting about each other on their respective social media accounts.

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Skyler has garnered over 13,000 Instagram followers and was a contestant in the 2022 Miss Raleigh Younger USA pageant.

Skyler tweeted a few photos of herself sitting on Rittenhouse’s lap on November 25. In the tweeted statement, she wished everyone a “Happy (late) Thanksgiving!! So thankful for all my friends and family, and especially an amazing God who never fails me❤️”  A Twitter user said, “Bruh she a gold digger!!!! “, to which Kyle replied, “What gold?! The civil lawsuit I’m facing?”

Kyle Rittenhouse has responded to trolls who said his new girlfriend was only with him for his money. Rittenhouse is attempting to collect money for himself because he is having legal problems.

But his girlfriend, Skyler Bergoon, was called a “gold digger” by so many people that he lashed out online and responded to the trolls’ claims. He tweeted at that time, “I keep seeing these comments, but here’s the truth: my girlfriend is not a gold digger.” “We’re happy. I am in fact being sued, and those on the left are trying to drown me in legal bills. I don’t have any settlements because I haven’t even sued anyone… yet.”

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Kyle Rittenhouse’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Kyle Rittenhouse has a net worth of $50,000. Kyle got a lot of attention after he shot three people at a rally in Kenosha, USA, for racial justice.  He was accused of committing crimes, but the court found him not guilty.

Know About Kyle Rittenhouse's Girlfriend And Net Worth!

In 2022, he started raising money to sue the media in civil court for alleged defamation. He also announced a video game, Kyle Rittenhouse’s Turkey Shoot, to raise money for legal defense.

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