Who Is Landon McBroom’s Girlfriend? Is He Still Dating Shyla Walker?

Landon McBroom is a well-known person on social media in the United States. His YouTube channel, “THIS IS L&S,” made him famous. On the channel, he used to work with his girlfriend Shyla, who is known on social media as “SimplyShyla.” Most of the videos on their channel were about their life and relationship. The channel has gotten a huge number of subscribers because of the funny videos they post. Landon has his own “Instagram” account, which has over 371 thousand followers at this point. He is also known as Austin’s brother, who is a well-known basketball player for the “NCAA.”

Now, people are wondering about his current relationship status and if he is still with Shyla. The article will discuss his ex-girlfriend and the circumstances surrounding their breakup in detail. Read on to find out all the facts.

Landon McBroom Was Dating Shyla Walker

Landon Mcbroom is single and has never been married. He was dating Shyla Walker, who he had known for a long time. In 2016, they met each other for the first time on Instagram. The famous channel This is L&S came out in 2017.

Who Is Landon McBroom's Girlfriend? Is He Still Dating Shyla Walker?

In the same year, Landon and Shyla broke up for a short time before getting back together. Landon not only worked with Shyla but also he also has a daughter Soul, with her. After five years of ups and downs (2016-2021), they broke up because of how bad things were. They broke up in May 2021 and are no longer together. Shyla is legally allowed to take care of her daughter.

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What Happened Between Landon McBroom And Shyla Walker?

TMZ said that Shyla had filed for a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Landon soon after the two of them said that their YouTube channel was over. Shyla asked for a restraining order because she said Landon had hurt her physically and tried to take their baby, Souline.

Shyla also said that she had to call the police in order to get her daughter back after Landon and their mutual friend Joseph allegedly tried to kidnap her. According to court documents released by Sportskeeda, Landon took Souline from her bed in the middle of the night and “handed the child to his employee ‘Joseph.'” Joseph then “took the child… and [headed] for [Landon’s] vehicle as [Shyla] followed him on foot demanding the return of [Souline].”

Who Is Landon McBroom's Girlfriend? Is He Still Dating Shyla Walker?

The documents then went on to state that Landon allegedly “continued to direct Joseph to put the child in his vehicle and leave.” Landon was eventually given the order to stay 100 feet away from Shyla, his daughter, and Shyla.

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Know More About London McBroom’s Girlfriend, Shyla Walker

Shyla Walker is an American YouTuber who was born on October 14, 1997. Her early videos about how to put on makeup helped her get a lot of attention online. At the time this article was written, Walker had 1.4 million Instagram followers and 3.08 million YouTube subscribers to her THIS IS L&S channel. Walker and Landon McBroom both have the same YouTube account, which they use to post challenges, reactions, comedy clips, pranks, and other types of vlogs.

Then, in September 2021, Shyla put out a video in which she talked about everything that happened before the couple broke up in June 2021.

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