Who Is Lanisha Cole’s Boyfriend In 2023? Complete Info

LaNisha Cole, also known as Lanisha Diane Cole, is an American model who gained fame for her role as a rotating model on the popular game show, The Price Is Right, from 2003 to 2010. She appeared in both the Bob Barker and Drew Carey eras of the show. Additionally, Cole has been the face of Milani/Jordana Cosmetics for over 9 years and has also appeared in the films Soul Plane and A Beautiful Soul.

Following her time on The Price Is Right, Cole joined the cast of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. She has also ventured into entrepreneurship and opened her own art gallery in Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station in 2011. Furthermore, she established her own photography studio, Studio 401 LA, in the art district of Downtown Los Angeles in 2013. As the owner and photographer of the studio, Cole showcases her talent and skills in capturing stunning images.

Lanisha has been in the news recently due to her rumored new boyfriend, Brian Paul Kuba. In this article, we will explore who Kuba is and the rumors surrounding their relationship.

Who Is Brian Paul Kuba?

Brian Paul Kuba is a photographer, filmmaker, and producer. He has worked with numerous celebrities and is known for his artistic, candid photography style. Kuba is also a painter, and some of his work has been exhibited in galleries across the United States. He is an Asian-American and is believed to be in his early 40s.

Who Is Lanisha Cole's Boyfriend In 2023? Complete Info

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Inside Lanisha Cole And Brian’s Relationship

Rumors of a relationship between Kuba and Cole began to surface after she gave birth to her child. Cole posted a photo of Kuba cuddling with Nick Cannon’s daughter, leading many to speculate that they were dating. Although the couple has yet to confirm their relationship, Cole has commented on Kuba’s Instagram, calling him her “greatest support system” throughout her pregnancy.

It is worth noting that Cole was previously in a relationship with Nick Cannon, a well-known director, producer, singer, and actor. After the breakup, Cole posted a photo of herself in front of a sign reading, “It’s OK to change your mind,” and wrote a lengthy Instagram Story statement about “choosing to do better” in the future. She mentioned that she has made mistakes in the past and put herself through unnecessary pain and heartbreak but is in a beautiful place now.

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Lanisha’s Previous Relationship With Nick Cannon

Lanisha Cole‘s past relationship has been a subject of much speculation and controversy. She has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with Nick Cannon, a well-known actor, producer, and singer. The two first dated in 2017 for a few months before splitting up. They resumed their relationship in 2020, which was marked by controversy due to rumors of Cannon being with two other women.

Despite the rumors, Cole defended her relationship with Cannon and posted a statement on her Instagram Story, stating that no one had the right to interfere in her relationship. However, the couple reportedly split up in 2021, with Cole posting a message on her Instagram Stories alluding to the breakup.

Who Is Lanisha Cole's Boyfriend In 2023? Complete Info

Throughout their relationship, Cannon’s history of infidelity and having children with multiple women was a subject of much discussion. Cole was one of five women who gave birth to one of Cannon’s children in 2021.

Despite the ups and downs of their relationship, Cole has moved on and is now reportedly dating Brian Paul Kuba, an Asian photographer based in Los Angeles. The couple has yet to confirm their relationship, but Cole has referred to Kuba as her “greatest support system” throughout her pregnancy.

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