Lauren Boebert’s Real Net Worth Explored As Varying Reports Afloat

American politician, businesswoman, and gun rights activist Lauren Opal Boebert was born on December 19, 1986. She represents Colorado’s 3rd congressional district in Congress and is a Republican.

Boebert’s staunch stance on hot-button issues like same-sex marriage and gun rights has made her a household name among Republicans and earned her media praise from conservative outlets, but it has also infuriated her Democratic colleagues.

While it’s natural for her politics and character to be scrutinized, a number of recent social media posts have fueled speculation that Boebert, a former bar and grill owner, is hiding a fortune worth tens of millions of dollars. In this post, we will try to determine whether or not the rumors about Lauren Boebert’s high net worth are accurate.

Lauren Boebert’s Alleged Net Worth As Claimed By Media Outlets

With an annual income of over $5 million, Lauren Boebert is allegedly reported to have a net worth of $41 million.

The origin of the $41 million number is unclear. Even though Boebert’s salary and assets have been discussed in the press, no reputable source has ever claimed that she is worth this much.

Lauren Boebert's Real Net Worth Explored As Varying Reports Afloat

According to, which apparently made the allegation, “Boebert possesses over 5 real estate properties, 4 cars, 1 luxury yacht: “Lauren Boebert’s Assets also include cash reserves of over $16 million.” Additionally, Lauren Boebert has a $15 million investment portfolio consisting of 10 stocks.

We would like to inform our readers that there is no evidence to back up these allegations, and, which calls itself “a community of Finance bloggers who are popularly known as ‘Investors,'” provides no citations for its claims. 

While it is true that Boebert earns approximately $175,000 per year as a U.S. Representative (the amount is $174,000 according to the Congressional Research Service, a think tank for Congress), none of the remaining assertions about her fortune appear to be backed by facts or financial records.

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So What Is Lauren Boebert’s Real Net Worth

Boebert’s wealth and income are well documented in numerous sources available to the public. As was noted before, Boebert’s compensation as a member of Congress is $174,000.

As a side gig, the lawmaker and her husband, an energy industry consultant, managed the Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado. In July of 2022, Boebert made an official announcement that the company will be closing.

Lauren Boebert's Real Net Worth Explored As Varying Reports Afloat

According to Boebert’s 2020 financial filings, Shooters lost $242,347 last year.

Jayson Boebert, her husband, accumulated assets, tax deferral, and capital gains totaling tens of thousands of dollars as of 2021, according to their financial records. However, not one of these came close to $41 million.

Jayson Boebert’s consulting business earned him $478,386 in 2020 and $460,601 the year before, according to tax returns and other such papers.

When Newsweek looked into the claim that Lauren Boebert has a $12 million “luxury mansion” in Florida, they came up empty. Her mortgage is reported to be between $250,000 and $500,000 in the financial disclosure report.

Adding her husband’s salary, the supposed worth of their home, and other assets still doesn’t add up to $41 million.

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We shouldn’t assume her net worth is around $41 million unless there’s an official statement to back up the charges being made about her incredible wealth. Since the publicly accessible data on her income, assets, and investments does not tally up to the amounts claimed, we must treat these reports with skepticism.

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