Letterkenny Season 12: What You Need To Know

Following a successful run on the streaming platform, the initial video for Letterkenny Season 12 confirms that the Hulu series is coming to an end. This Canadian comedy revolves around the residents of the Ontario town of the same name, delving into their diverse lives and relationships within social groups like the hicks, skids (drug addicts), and hockey players.

Despite their differences, the show, created by and starring Jared Keeso alongside director Jacob Tierney, showcases the unique friendships among these characters. Hulu secured the U.S. streaming rights to Letterkenny after its sixth season, solidifying its position as the exclusive home for both the popular comedy and its spinoff, Shoresy.

In this article, we will delve into the much-anticipated release of Letterkenny Season 12, addressing the burning question on the minds of eager fans. Additionally, we’ll explore insights into the Letterkenny cast and production details, shedding light on what enthusiasts can expect from the latest installment.

Letterkenny Season 12: Final Reunion Premieres

The final reunion of the Letterkenny Hicks is set to take place with the premiere of all six episodes of Letterkenny Season 12 on Tuesday, December 26th, exclusively on Hulu. For fortunate Canadian residents, the season will be available a day earlier, landing on Monday, December 25th, just in time for Christmas, on the streaming platform Crave.

Letterkenny Season 12: What You Need To Know

To emphasize, Crave is the go-to platform for Canadian viewers to catch Letterkenny Season 12. For those residing outside Canada, particularly in the U.S., Hulu will be the exclusive streaming platform for Letterkenny Season 12.

In the realm of streaming services, comedy shows and sitcoms hold significant appeal, and Hulu is no exception, boasting a diverse lineup that includes long-running favorites like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the clever vampire satire What We Do in the Shadows.

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While a trailer for Letterkenny Season 12 has yet to be released, the anticipation is high, and given the proximity to the release date, it’s likely that fans will get a sneak peek at the series finale sooner rather than later.

Inside ‘Letterkenny’: Season 12 Highlights, Cast, And Production Insights

The narrative unfolds in the fictional town of Letterkenny, Ontario, where the lives of its residents are intricately woven into three distinct groups: the hicks, the skids, and the hockey players. In Season 12, the official synopsis unveils the town’s experiences, including a comedy night at Modean’s, the triumph of a country music hit, the disruptive influence of the Degens, the introduction of a new nightclub, and an encore performance at the Ag Hall.

Letterkenny Season 12: What You Need To Know

Jared Keeso, the creative force behind the series and the embodiment of the character Wayne, introduced “Letterkenny” in 2016 as Crave’s inaugural original series. The ensemble cast, featuring Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, K Trevor Wilson, Dylan Playfair, Andrew Herr, Tyler Johnston, Evan Stern, Mark Forward, and Tiio Horn, contributes to the vibrant portrayal of the town’s diverse inhabitants.

Jared Keeso takes on various roles within the show, assuming the positions of executive producer, co-writer, star, and creator. Jacob Tierney also wears multiple hats as an executive producer, director, and co-writer. Mark Montefiore holds the title of executive producer, and Kara Haflidson fulfills the role of producer for New Metric Media.

Also Read: Letterkenny Season 12: What You Need To Know

The collaborative effort involves New Metric Media, Play Fun Games, and Bell Media in the production of the series. Funding and support come from entities such as the Canadian Media Fund, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, the Bell Fund, and assistance from the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and Ontario Creates. New Metric Media takes charge of distributing the series.

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