Who Is Lil Jon’s Wife? Complete Relationship Info

Jonathan Howard Smith is an American rapper, producer, and former lead singer of the rap group Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz. He is better known by his stage name, Lil Jon. He was a big part of how the subgenre of hip-hop called “crunk” came to be, and he is credited with making it popular in the mainstream. Lil Jon often works with rappers from Miami and the Bay Area, like Pitbull, Too Short, and E-40. He is one-third of an unofficial group of three artists, along with Atlanta’s Ludacris and Usher, who often write songs together.

Lil Jon also has a line of Oakley sunglasses and a wine company that makes Merlot, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Paper Magazine says that he has a show on HGTV called Lil Jon Wants to Do What? where he “teamed up with professional designer Anitra Mecadon for a new weekly series in which they help a family remodel a part of their home.”This makes fans curious about his family, including his wife. We’ll talk about how he spends time with his family and what we can learn about his married life in this article.

Lil Jon Is Married To Nicole Smith

Lil Jon is married to his love Nicole Smith. Nicole has been with him for almost 20 years, and the two of them are the perfect example of a happy couple. She has known him since before he was a famous rapper.

Who Is Lil Jon's Wife? Complete Relationship Info

Nicole Smith stays out of sight. She doesn’t use any social networking sites. She might not like being on camera. Because Lil doesn’t have any photos of her on any of his social media accounts. But in many interviews, he said that she was the person who inspired her most.

In 2004, Nicole Smith and Lil Jon got married. Since then, they have been living happy life together. Nathan was born to the couple. He let out, “As time goes on, you learn to adapt to people because nobody is perfect. And you change, too. You see the things you do that aren’t perfect, and you make some changes to fit in with your partner.

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Lil And Nicole Have One Son: Lil Prioritize His Time For Their Family

Lil makes time for his family, even though he has a lot going on. He is able to keep his work life and home life separate, so he can spend time with his son. Their son is following in his father’s footsteps by going to the DJ academy and getting a degree. Nathan is known as DJ Young Slade when he is on stage, and his parents are proud of him.

Lil told the outlet, “I make party records, and partying and parenting are nothing alike.” “I’m in a different place when I’m in the studio than when I’m at home with my family… When I’m out, people call me Lil Jon, but at home, they call me Jonathan Smith.”

Who Is Lil Jon's Wife? Complete Relationship Info

He told the site that his parents let him DJ at home and host parties in their basement. He also said that he was proud when his son decided to follow in his footsteps and start a career in music. Lil Jon said, “I cried when my son graduated from DJ academy and I saw him following in my footsteps.” Nathan is known as DJ Young Slade when he is on stage.

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He has even turned down work opportunities to be with his family. He told the Huffington Post that he won’t miss a family birthday. “I promised myself I wouldn’t miss a birthday, so I’ve been there for all of his,” she said. “When ‘Yeah!’ came out, Usher was asked to do Saturday Night Live. He asked me to come, but it was my son’s birthday, so I had to say no. I chose my son over the chance.”

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