Who Is Lisa Guerrero’s Husband? Reveals That She Had Miscarriage On Live TV

Lisa Guerrero is an American journalist, artist, artist, model, and former sportscaster. Since 2006, Guerrero has worked as an investigator for the newsmagazine Inside Edition, which is shown all over the country.

The current investigative reporter for “Inside Edition” wrote in her new book “Warrior” that she once had a miscarriage while covering a game live on TV. “I was losing the baby! She wrote in the book, “I could feel blood leaking.” Guerrero told her assistant that she was going to the bathroom, and he told her, “They’re about to throw you.” She felt sick and dizzy after giving the live report, but she told herself to stand up straight. She said the pain was terrible.

This made people curious about Lisa’s private life including her husband. Unfortunately for the cause, Lisa is currently single. She was formerly married to Scott Erickson. For the full scoop on their marriage, keep reading!

Lisa Guerrero Married Scott Erickson In 2004

Lisa doesn’t like to talk about her love life in the media, but it’s well-known that she was once married. She married Scott Gavin Erickson on February 3, 2004, in a private ceremony that was attended by many of their friends and family. Scott is a retired American professional baseball player who spent 15 years in Major League Baseball (MLB) with six teams, including the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Who Is Lisa Guerrero's Husband? Reveals That She Had Miscarriage On Live TV

Lisa was married to Scott for 18 years. Her marriage ended, but not many people knew about it.  Lisa and Scott didn’t say much about what happened. That was the case until Lisa decided to make a sarcastic hint about her divorce on Twitter. Lisa shared a tweet that asked, “What has been around longer than the Confederacy?” She told the truth and said, “My ex-husband.” Well, that seems like a clear sign that Lisa and Scott are no longer together and that their divorce is over.

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Meet Lisa Guerrero’s Ex-Husband, Scott Gavin Erickson

Scott Gavin Erickson was born on February 2, 1968, and he used to pitch in the Major League. Over the course of 15 seasons, he played for the Minnesota Twins, the Baltimore Orioles, the New York Mets, the Texas Rangers, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the New York Yankees. He was on the Twins team that won the World Series in 1991.

Who Is Lisa Guerrero's Husband? Reveals That She Had Miscarriage On Live TV

Erickson was born in the California city of Long Beach. He played a lot of sports while he was in high school at Homestead High School in Cupertino, California. He played football, basketball, soccer, and baseball. In baseball, he was the CCS Junior of the Year.

After finishing high school, he went to San Jose City College and got an AA degree in business in 1988. At San Jose Junior College, he was on the 1st Team All-American. He then went to the University of Arizona, where he majored in accounting and took a small amount of psychology. After only one year of pitching for the Arizona Wildcats, Erickson was inducted into the Arizona Wildcat Hall of Fame.

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Lisa Guerrero Opens About Her Miscarriage That She Had On Live TV

Back in 2003, Guerrero worked for one season on the sidelines for “Monday Night Football.” She wrote that it was a hard time because she had to deal with “ugly misogyny running rampant on sports radio airwaves—and I was their perfect target.”

Guerrero said she was attacked because of what she was wearing, how long her hair was, and even because she had red nail polish on. She found out that the reason she hadn’t had a period since starting the “MNF” job wasn’t that she was stressed, but because she was pregnant.

Who Is Lisa Guerrero's Husband? Reveals That She Had Miscarriage On Live TV

Guerrero said she and her then-husband, Scott Erickson, had decided years ago that they didn’t want children, but she admits to “fantasizing” about what their child might look like.

Guerrero said that it never occurred to her to tell anyone she was sick or that she should have gone to the hospital instead of playing the game. “The only thing I could think of was that I could get through the rest of the game as long as I buttoned up my long winter coat. “That way, the blood wouldn’t be seen,” she said.

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