Who Is ‘Enola Holmes’ Louis Partridge’s Girlfriend: Sydney Chandler Or Lulu Everly?

Louis Partridge, who was born on June 3, 2003, and is 19 years old, is a well-known person in the United Kingdom.

He works as an actor and a model in English movies and TVCs. In 2022, he is making news for his movie “The Lost Girls,” in which he says he plays Peter Pan.

Since he was in this movie, this 19-year-old actor has started his journey to become one of the most famous actors in the English movie industry. He is a sharp-minded and clear-eyed actor who is at the top of his field right now.

He is always in the news, both for his work and for his personal life. So, is he seeing someone? Why fans are confused by his love story. In this post, we will uncover all the facts about him.

Who Is Louis Partridge’s Girlfriend?

Well…right now it looks like Louis is dating Sydney Chandler. But neither star has confirmed that they are dating. When Sydney and Louis were seen on a red carpet wearing the same black dresses, the rumors got more attention. Louis also shared three pictures from the festival after the event. In the last one, he is with Sydney.

Fans don’t seem to be happy with their bond due to their age gap Louis is just 19 whereas Sydney is nearly 30. This is one of the most talked-about things on Reddit.

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User Inevitable-Edge-2761 was frustrated and said, “Yes this is 100% true !!! His fan pages on Instagram have all the receipts, all she literally does is provoke and block his fans that are worried for him and post cryptic things… she called him “baby boy” and “kiddo” when he was still 17… and then boom he’s 18 and their dating. She’s a creepy person, I hope this is the Beginning to her finally be exposed in the public eye and not just fan pages. If this grooming does not stop it’s going to be the Aaron Taylor Johnson situation all over again !!!.”

Who Is 'Enola Holmes' Louis Partridge's Girlfriend: Sydney Chandler Or Lulu Everly?

User dicknapped__ said, “Leave sydney shes almost 30 dating a teenager.”

Louis is currently on Instagram as @louispartridge_, where he has a whopping 7.5M followers. Sydney, on the other hand, is there as @sydneychandler_. Only 56.3K people follow her. One of the posts she shared with Louis has the caption “love y’all bunches (especially the snails)!”

Know About Louis Partridge’s Mysterious Girlfriend Lulu Everly

There were rumors before Sydney that Louis was dating Lulu Everly. Some photos that went viral made people think that Louis is dating a girl named Lulu Everly, who is not famous and is probably one of his schoolmates. Fans also thought that they had been together for two years. However, he never said what was true.

Who Is 'Enola Holmes' Louis Partridge's Girlfriend: Sydney Chandler Or Lulu Everly?

In an interview with Seventeen two years ago, Louis admitted that he is sad.

“You’ve been heartbroken, Louis?” Millie asked her co-star.

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“Yes,” he replied.

The actor didn’t say anything else, so we don’t know who his ex is or who broke his heart. She might be Lulu Everly. As soon as any fresh information will become available we will let you know.

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