Malika Andrews Husband: Jett Howard Pick Mishap

Malika Rose Andrews is an accomplished American sports journalist and reporter. Renowned as the host of NBA Today, she took over the position from The Jump. In October 2018, Andrews became part of ESPN as an online NBA writer she is ESPN’s sole Black woman NBA reporter and made her debut as the youngest sideline reporter for a broadcast during the 2020 NBA Bubble. Her exceptional contributions to the sports industry led to her recognition as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2021.

Social media has been buzzing with criticism directed towards ESPN’s NBA Draft coverage by Malika Andrews during the first round on Thursday night (June 22). Numerous users expressed their discontent with the broadcast on various social media platforms.

A newfound curiosity has emerged regarding her personal life, prompting an exploration of her affairs in the following paragraphs.

Unraveling The Mystery Of Her Marital Status: Is She Married?

When it comes to Malika Andrew’s personal life, official records do not indicate any past marriages or confirmed boyfriends. However, she has been subject to speculation and rumors surrounding her romantic connections in the past.

Malika Andrews Husband: Jett Howard Pick Mishap

During the initial phase of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Andrews revealed that she resided in New York City alongside her boyfriend, adding an element of intrigue to her personal circumstances. While details about her relationships remain mostly private, the public has shown an interest in the potential romantic involvement of the esteemed sports journalist.

Unverified rumors have circulated suggesting a potential romantic connection between Andrews and fellow ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin. While the accuracy of these rumors remains uncertain, they have sparked speculation regarding the nature of their relationship.

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Malika Andrews’s Blunder: An Embarrassing Mistake Unveiled During Jett Howard Pick

“From Lansing to the league.”

Following the Orlando Magic’s selection of Jett Howard, the son of Michigan coach Juwan Howard, in the first round of the 2023 NBA Draft on Thursday night, ESPN host Malika Andrews delivered the aforementioned statement.

It’s worth noting that Howard, who notably played at Michigan, hails from Ann Arbor, not Lansing. Lansing is home to Michigan State, the rival university of the Wolverines.

Criticism has been mounting on social media during Thursday night’s first round of the NBA Draft in response to ESPN’s coverage. A substantial number of users expressed dissatisfaction with the broadcast on various social media platforms.

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Malika Andrew’s Net Worth And Family:

As the prominent figure gracing numerous shows on ESPN, Malika Andrews has reportedly been estimated to earn an annual income ranging from $50,000 to $78,000, as stated by Sportsbrief. Furthermore, her net worth has been cited in various sources to hover between $100,000 and $200,000, although precise figures may vary. Andrews’ notable presence and contributions in the sports journalism field have garnered attention not only for her professional accomplishments but also for her financial standing.

Malika Andrews Husband: Jett Howard Pick Mishap

Malika Andrews was raised in Oakland, California, by her parents Mike and Caren Andrews. Caren is not only an educator but also the proprietor of her own art studio in Oakland, where she curates art exhibitions in the Bay Area. Meanwhile, Mike Andrews is a personal trainer and an avid fitness enthusiast. Malika has a younger sister named Kendra Andrews, and both sisters were brought up in Oakland. They exhibited similar preferences, ranging from their fashion choices to their career aspirations.

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