About Matthew Ramsey’s Wife And Old Dominion’s CMA Awards Journey

Matthew Thomas Ramsey, born on October 21, 1977, is an accomplished American country music singer and songwriter. He serves as Old Dominion’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, boasting numerous hit songs on country radio.

Raised in Buchanan, Virginia, Ramsey attended James River High School and developed early musical skills, starting with drums and picking up the guitar at 14. He furthered his education at Virginia Commonwealth University, earning a degree in Illustration.

Transitioning to the next segment, let’s delve into the curiosity surrounding Matthew Ramsey’s marital status and explore details about his wife. Additionally, we’ll take a closer look at Matthew Ramsey’s reflections on musical milestones during Old Dominion’s Countdown to CMA Awards.

Who Is Matthew Ramsey’s Wife? Is He Married?

The marriage date of Sara Dudley and Matthew Ramsey remains a mystery, but they seem to be going strong as a couple to this day. They are proud parents of two daughters. In various interviews, Matthew has expressed the challenge of balancing family time, especially with the demands of touring.

About Matthew Ramsey's Wife And Old Dominion's CMA Awards Journey

In a 2018 interview with Country Fancast, he revealed the difficulties of maintaining a personal life while constantly being on the road. Despite their efforts to fly home whenever possible, their busy schedule makes it a constant juggling act.

Matthew once explained that bringing his family on tour was impractical due to the cramped conditions on the bus, filled with people and equipment. Now, as Matthew takes a break due to an injury, it’s a reminder of a similar incident in May 2021 when he broke a rib and suffered a collapsed lung while changing a lightbulb on a ladder.

All You Need To Know About Matthew Ramsey’s Wife: Sara Dudley

Sara Dudley has a multifaceted professional life, juggling roles in education and heading the Ramsey Foundation—an organization dedicated to fostering arts and entertainment in rural areas. On a more personal note, she navigates the responsibilities of single parenthood in her husband’s absence.

In her earlier career, from February 2004 to May 2016, Sara served as a clinical project manager at the Sarah Cannon Research Institute and also contributed to projects at Vanderbilt University. Her mother, Cathy Dudley, is recognized for her work as an author of Christian books for children and families, with a recent release in March 2023.

About Matthew Ramsey's Wife And Old Dominion's CMA Awards Journey

Cathy proudly introduces herself on her website as a resident of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where she enjoys retirement with her husband, Gary B. Dudley. They reminisce about raising three children on their farm, Joyful Noise Acres, and now relish retirement while traveling and embracing their roles as Grammy and Grandpa to six grandchildren.

Cathy and Gary celebrated their 72nd birthday in May 2022, coincidentally sharing the same birth date and year. In September of that year, the couple embarked on an “INCREDIBLE 50th Anniversary trip,” exploring canals, windmills, museums, cathedrals, little towns, castles, vineyards, and the Alps. Their social media post about the trip expressed gratitude for the many blessings and new friendships.

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Gary, now retired from his job, proudly attended Virginia Tech and William Fleming High. Sara’s family extends to her siblings: Matthew Bennett Dudley, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and sister Amy Dudley, residing in Portland, Oregon. Matthew enjoys a seemingly happy marriage to Aimee Ferguson Dudley, creating a diverse and well-connected family.

Matthew Ramsey Unveils Old Dominion’s Musical Journey

As the reigning Vocal Group of the Year, Old Dominion is gearing up for Country Music’s Grand Night. Matthew Ramsey, the lead singer, sheds light on how the band maintains excitement year after year.

About Matthew Ramsey's Wife And Old Dominion's CMA Awards Journey

“For us, it’s the music that keeps things fresh. The thrill of creating new music, performing, and touring adds excitement. If we were complacent and not engaged in these activities, this wouldn’t hold the same significance for us,” Matthew shares with ABC Audio.

He emphasizes that awards like these validate their musical and professional choices, signifying that they are on the right path. Old Dominion, nominated for Vocal Group and Musical Event of the Year, will join forces with Megan Moroney to present their latest single, “Can’t Break Up Now.”

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Tune in to the 57th CMA Awards, hosted by Luke Bryan and Peyton Manning, airing live from Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday, November 8, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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