Meet Jordan Westburg Wife: Anna Claire

Born on February 18, 1999, Jordan Cole Westburg is an accomplished American professional baseball shortstop who currently plays for the Baltimore Orioles in Major League Baseball (MLB).

During his time at New Braunfels High School in Texas, Jordan Cole Westburg displayed his athletic prowess by participating in baseball, basketball, and football. Following his junior year, he made a commitment to pursue college baseball at Mississippi State University.

This captivating article unveils the heartfelt moment when Jordan Cole Westburg, amidst a symphony of emotions, pops the question to his beloved, delving into the enchanting tale of their journey towards matrimony. In a significant milestone, Westburg’s exceptional talent earned him a place on the 40-man roster and a well-deserved promotion to the major leagues on June 26, 2023. This marked his highly anticipated debut in the prestigious world of professional baseball.

Jordan Westburg And Anna Claire Wedding

In a blissful union that echoed with joyous melodies, Jordan Cole Westburg and Anna Claire embarked on their sacred bond of matrimony on the momentous day of December 3, 2022, forever intertwining their destinies in a celebration of love.

Anna Claire, an American actress and model, embarked on her career in 2016 and swiftly rose to prominence. She has garnered a massive following on social media, where her popularity knows no bounds. Her primary sources of income stem from her exceptional talent in acting, modeling, and collaborations with renowned fashion brands.

Meet Jordan Westburg Wife: Anna Claire

Unveiling a mesmerizing revelation from the depths of their social media realms, the enchanting love story of Jordan Cole Westburg and Anna Claire unfolds with an intriguing twist: once kindred spirits as best friends, they embarked on an unforgettable journey.

On the breathtaking shores of Virginia Beach, their destinies converged as Jordan’s heartfelt proposal took center stage, setting Instagram ablaze with their shared declaration of eternal love.

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They journey together to various destinations, forging an inseparable connection and delighting their fans with unexpected appearances that never fail to captivate. Their marriage ceremony unfolded in a picturesque setting at Horn Lake in Mississippi, where the entire family joyfully congregated to celebrate their union.

Jordan Westburg’s Net Worth

Jordan Westburg earns a salary of – per year, with no signing bonus. His net worth is estimated at $2,365,500. Currently, he holds the position of Shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles in Major League Baseball, which is the top professional baseball league in the United States.

Meet Jordan Westburg Wife: Anna Claire

Westburg contributed an RBI by reaching base on a fielder’s choice. The 24-year-old prospect displayed strong plate discipline at Triple-A Norfolk this season, with a 21.3 percent strikeout rate and a 9.8 percent walk rate.

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Consistently getting on base will enhance his chances of competing for playing time in a competitive infield, where he’s expected to challenge Adam Frazier and Jorge Mateo. While Westburg is versatile enough to play in the corner outfield as well, the Orioles already have three players vying for those two positions.

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